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Star Trek Palooza / Worst of Trek: Sub Rosa

Angela lost her beautiful voice over the Holidays, so we weren’t able to record our mail bag episode… to fill the gap, I put together a little geek radio show. The first half of this episode features fun Star Trek parody songs, written and performed by Rick Moyer; I played a few of my favorites as a sort of opener for the re-release of our Worst of Trek: Sub Rosa episode. Scroll down for links to the songs I included as well as their lyrics. There’s also a trailer for Sub Rosa; an episode from the seventh season of Star Trek: The Next Generation. It’s the one where Beverley becomes infatuated with her dead grandmother’s boyfriend. It’s creepy. It’s weird. It’s fun. We do a lot of laughing before talking about some of the redeeming qualities of this “out of character” episode. It’s not our favorite, but it’s still Star Trek…and we love it just the same.

We originally posted our Sub Rosa review on February 11, 2011. It’s the second edition to our Worst of Trek series, which currently includes four episodes (linked below). We plan to continuing this series, in which we highlight a less than stellar episode, giggle a bit at the silliness before talking about the things we liked about it, but we need your help. Send us a list of episodes, from any Trek series, that you would like us to review next. Keep in mind that we like to cover the ones that aren’t just bad, but funny bad. I think the next episode we do will be Spock’s Brain…so you can omit that one from your list. ;)

We also have a “Best of Trek” series. So far we’ve covered: Measure of a Man, Time’s Arrow, The Visitor, Rascals, Lower Decks and Ship in a Bottle. We’ve talked about covering “Remember Me“next, and started a Pinterest Board with all the Trek episodes we’d like to cover. Send us a pin for our board or an email letting us know which episode you’d like us to review for this year’s Best of Trek.

Oh, before I forget… I recorded the intro for Star Trek Palooza at midnight and, because I was exhausted, I made a mistake in saying that our next episode would be released on the 10th of January. Sorry. I meant the 18th. But that gives you even more time to send your feedback, comments, questions and/or suggestions for our mail bag episode for the 18th. We’ll be responding to them all on the show. Hope to hear from you!

I also referred to the “forum” in the Sub Rosa review. That no longer exists, because our Facebook Group was more popular…it acts as our forum now. Please join your fellow Anomalies—comment on episodes and blog posts, talk about movies, television shows and anything geek related with me, Angela and the entire Anomaly staff. And Like our Facebook Page (help us grow our show), follow us on Twitter, Pinterest, Goodreads and Google+

If you like this episode, you may also enjoy these posts: Worst of Trek: The GameWorst of Trek: Way to Eden and Worst of Trek: Genesis. Check out our most recent Best of Trek episode too: Lower Decks

Star Trek TNG: Sub Rosa Commercial

Star Wars PSA (mentioned in the Sub Rosa Ep)

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