RED ALERT! Please be aware that this episode on Sci Fi TV and movie news, contains spoilers for End Game. A spoiler alert will be played to warn you that it’s coming up.

Sci Fi TV Shows and Movie News Plus Your Emails

In this edition of our podcast, we talk about  Sci Fi TV Shows and movie news. It’s summer and there is so much to see and so little time!

• The Perils of Fortnite and gaming with “other people”
• Little Lorelei’s brief costume fashion show

News on Fantasy and Sci Fi TV Shows

Perrin Aybara The Wheel of Time

Marcus Rudda: Perrin Aybara

Sci Fi TV Nyneave

Zoë Robins: Nynaeve (WoT)

• The Wheel of Time Series. They’re finally casting!
• The Picard series. We play the teaser trailer and the first official trailer.
• The Dark Crystal Age of Resistance and trying to re-watch the classic movie

News on 2020 movies

• DC Comic book movie news: Robert Pattinson’s casting as Batman—is he a good actor? Does he have a good jawline?
• Marvel movie news:  The Black Widow movie is finally happening! It’s 2020, people! Why did it take so long?
• Jurassic World 3—who will be in it?


Ben sent his thoughts about our Passengers review and solitary confinement.
Daniel emails about our End Game Review, the multiverse, our Captain Marvel review and the tropes found in stories about women superheroes. See the videos he sent below. We also talk about Daniel’s cosplay photography (see 60 Second Doc below and the photo of our friend Stephanie).

Podcast Suggestions

We join a few listeners in making podcast suggestions for you to check out. See the list of links below.

60 Second Docs Presents: E99 Role Playing Photographer

Daniel’s Cosplay Photos of our Friend

Multiverse Breakdown

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Podcast Suggestions

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