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Wheel of Time: Eye of the World

We are very excited to finally be featuring Wheel of Time: Eye of the World on Anomaly this week. My name is Angela and I thought yesterday was Saturday all day! And I am an Anomaly… It has been a few years since Angela and Jen have read Eye of the World, but we are fully in love with the Wheel of Time universe.

The rich history, and story created by Robert Jordan is as detailed as any fantasy you are likely to come across. It is hard to ignore that one of the best things about Wheel of Time is the strong position of women and the varied and fully fleshed out female characters.

A Sort Of Plot Description without Spoilers

The Aes Sedai – basically a girls only Jedi Order – are preparing for a giant end times type of battle by seeking out the Dragon Reborn – the reincarnation of the great hero from the last time evil decided to descend upon the world. The only problem is that everyone – including factions within the Aes Sedai – have a different view of what to do with him once they find him. Moraine – I like to call her gorgeous Lady Gandalf – and her Warder Lan have found 3 boys – Mat, Perrin, and Rand – in a small town called Two Rivers. She is sure that one of them is the elusive Dragon Reborn. The book is spent as the boys, Moraine, and some of the boys’ hometown friends dodge servants of the Dark One, and several factions of groups and countries who are not evil, but want to capture the Dragon for their own ends. The book ends with a giant battle at the Eye of the World in which the actual Dragon is revealed and the full series of Wheel of Time just barely gets started.

That is literally the shortest I could do and it barely scratches the surface. The entire series follows multiple characters including two Two Rivers ladies – Eguane and Nynaeve and a princess – Elayne who become huge players in the world of Wheel of time.

If you have not read the Wheel of Time series and you love an epic, sweeping fantasy this is the book series for you. Be warned it is very long – 14 books. And over 10,000 pages. Well worth the read. Most fans I know have gone through the series more than once.

Enjoy this episode of Anomaly!

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