RED ALERT! Spoilers for “Skyward”! If you are looking for a spoiler-free review, please listen to Part 1 first.

“Skyward” is about a young girl named Spensa “Spin” Nightshade. All she’s ever wanted was to join the pilots who defend Detritus and prove her father wasn’t a coward. Her people have been stranded on the barren world for the past 80 years and suffer constant bombardments from the Krell—an alien species who chased them across the galaxy.

This is part two of our two-part review of “Skyward” by Brandon Sanderson. It features an in-depth discussion about the plot and characters.  If you’re looking for a spoiler-free review, be sure to listen to part one here. Then get the book, read it, and return here for our spoiler-y chat.

Thank you to Rick Peete and Rico Dosti for joining me in this transmission of Anomaly.

Thank you to Rick Moyer for allowing us to use his music in show.

Next week, Angela and I are recording a podcast about the women of Marvel. If you have a favorite character (or least favorite character), email us and let us know.

March 10, 2019 we will re-release a previously archived Anomaly on the comical episode: “Jose Chung from Outer Space” (from the third season of The X-Files). We will return the week after with our women of Marvel episode.

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