Star Trek Discovery Season 1 Recap & Mail Bag

Episode Description:
Jen and Angela return with a recap of Star Trek Discovery Season 1 (SPOILER ALERT!). They also read emails from Kris, Dario, Father Beast and play a voicemail from Scott. Thanks for the feedback, everyone!

Topics discussed in this episode:

The Bolian Brain Pox and why you need to be inoculated against it… right now.

We discuss Star Trek Season 1 as a whole and the Season Finale.

Why the “break-up” was not a “break-up”—it was clarification.

How Tilly is the voice of the audience and why she’s our fav.

Is every Terran evil?

“Grabbing people by the face and conducting Mind Melds” without permission.

Character flaws and why they make for better writing.

Jen’s new favorite captain!

Lorca and why we’re sort of dissatisfied.

Hitler and Georigou

Starfleet command and its parallels to reality

The Enterprise

Potential cameo appearances in Season 2

and more.

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