Please be aware that this episode contains spoilers for the Star Trek: The Next Generation novel: Death In Winter, as well as a spoiler for the TNG episode: Yesterday’s Enterprise.

Do Picard and Crusher EVER get together?

Do Picard and Crusher Ever Get Together?Do Picard and Crusher ever get together? Can they ever find happiness? If you’re like me, you’ve been asking these questions for decades. Fret no longer, shipper! There are books that develop their romance! We’ll explore them all in this new Anomaly series all about the Picard/Crusher relationship. In this episode, I kick off the series with a review of the  Star Trek The Next Generation novel: Death In Winter (links to everything mentioned in this episode, including the novel, are listed below).

A detailed synopsis and review of Death in Winter—the book that kicks off the Picard/Crusher romance.

This edition of Anomaly features a detailed synopsis and review of the novel Death in Winter, by Michael Jan Friedman. Its the book to read if you want to see how it officially starts. Spoilers, people.

Side note: Is there a list that puts all these Trek books in order?

*UPDATE* Sue from Women at Warp provided a link of the chronological order, post Nemesis. Rico from Treks in Sci-Fi sent this cool graphic. Thank you both for your help!

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NOTE: If this is your first Anomaly episode, let me warn you now. My co-host and I do not take ourselves very seriously. We are not only geeky fans but entertainers. Angela and I try to keep things light and fun in our shows. So I’m going to be irreverent at times in this episode. Go with it. ;)

Also, we proud that we were there at the beginning of TNG in 1989, but we’re not the type to memorize every episode title. And we’re not going to remember every character or actor that popped onboard the Enterprise.  I’ve done a lot of living since this show aired and have forgotten a few details. It’s okay. You can be a fan and not be a vault of knowledge. So have fun as you listen. Enjoy. I know I had fun when I recorded it.

And feel free to post below, write or call the show (432-363-4742). Especially if you know something I don’t about this story or the characters.

Get the book: “Death in Winter” by Michael Jan Friedman

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