Anomaly of Star Trek Into Darkness

In this edition of our show, Jen, Angela, her husband Jim and Kasey from Anomaly Supplemental review Star Trek: Into Darkness. The beginning of the episode is a non-spoiler review, while the second half is SUPER spoileriffic. If you haven’t seen the movie, hit “stop” as soon as you hear the official Anomaly spoiler alert music. This review includes a Star Trek parody song by Rick Moyer as well as a comment from him and Simon Meddings of Waffle On and The Martians Are Here. Thank you guys for sending them in. If you would like to give your thoughts on this, or any other episode please direct your comments here:,, @AnomalyPodcastFacebook Group. Thank you so much for listening!

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Believer, wife, mom, designer, voice actress, podcast host...Anomaly. Jen is one of the founding co-hosts of Anomaly. She introduced Angela to Podcasts in 2006, after stumbling upon Treks In Sci-Fi. They became involved in the Trek SF forum and were encouraged by the host (and now good friend) Rico Dosti, to start their own show. They did in 2007 with a little help from their friends and have never looked back. :)

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