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Listener Feedback

“This is one of my very favorite podcasts. My only complaint is it only comes out once a month.”

~ Mel8792 (5 star iTunes review)

“Fun Cast: Totally worth a listen. Great to jog to if you’re an anomaly. Only one request, more episodes please!”

~ Joset11 (5 star iTunes review)

“Great variety and interesting insights. Thank you for the great entertainment. Keep up the great work!”

~ Mechixit (5 star iTunes review)

“I really enjoy hearing about their convention visits and it often brings a smile to me just from listening to the episodes. Keep up the great work girls!!!

~ Whitestar20 (5 star iTunes review)

“I look forward to each new podcast and I’m not disappointed when it arrives! Jen and Angela work well with each other and banter in a way that makes me feel like I’m listening to two of my friends. Keep it up!”

~ TrekMom35 (5 star iTunes review)