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Jen and Angela from the Anomaly Podcast

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Our show has been funded almost entirely through the help of a
handful of generous individuals giving recurring gifts.
Thank you again for your on-going support. We love you guys.

Until now, the same three individuals have sent monthly donations
of $5 – $20. But as of September 28, 2017, there are only two people
donating each month, and we will soon run out of funds for
our monthly expenses.

If you are able to send a dollar or more a month, you can help
keep Anomaly producing episodes at our current number and pace.

Your donations are an investment in Anomaly

We only use donations for podcast related expenses:

  • Podcast media hosting
  • Website hosting and other web-specific costs
  • Equipment upgrades
  • Software upgrades
  • Podcast-related travel expenses
  • Other financial obligations related to our show

Anomalous Rewards

A reward program is in the works for Patreon. Anyone who gives outside of Patreon now will be included.

Stay tuned for news on the upcoming Patreon campaign. We will thank all those who donate, by mentioning your names on the episode following your donation.

Our goals for Anomaly’s future

We want to give you more quality episodes of Anomaly. Here’s what we need
to make it happen:

  • Libsyn Advanced 1500 plan ($75/month)
  • A professional audio editor (prices vary)
  • Cast remote recording app ($30/month)
  • The ability to pay a staff writer for show notes (approx $50/episode)

♥ We love you all. Thank you for your help ♥


Listener Feedback

“This is one of my very favorite podcasts. My only complaint is it only comes out once a month.”

~ Mel8792 (5 star iTunes review)

“Fun Cast: Totally worth a listen. Great to jog to if you’re an anomaly. Only one request, more episodes please!”

~ Joset11 (5 star iTunes review)

“Great variety and interesting insights. Thank you for the great entertainment. Keep up the great work!”

~ Mechixit (5 star iTunes review)

“I really enjoy hearing about their convention visits and it often brings a smile to me just from listening to the episodes. Keep up the great work girls!!!

~ Whitestar20 (5 star iTunes review)

“I look forward to each new podcast and I’m not disappointed when it arrives! Jen and Angela work well with each other and banter in a way that makes me feel like I’m listening to two of my friends. Keep it up!”

~ TrekMom35 (5 star iTunes review)