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Do you suffer from sudden bouts of geekdom? If so, the Anomaly Podcast may be right for you. In clinical studies Anomaly and Anomaly Supplemental‘s convention reports, cosplay topics and commentary on Sci Fi and Fantasy books, games, movie and television shows… provided a feeling of FULLNESS while promoting OPTIMAL GEEKINESS. Our free shows are posted alternately, every Sunday, and are available over-the-counter at Stitcher Smart Radio and in the iTunes and Zune stores. Anomaly: geek girl podcast and blog—your subscription for geek entertainment!  Scroll down to see our latest blog and podcast releases.

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Anomaly Supplemental | Dollhouse TV Show Panel: Does a Contract Negate Non-Consent? (Dragon Con 2013)

Dollhouse had the actives sign contracts.
Where does that put the show where consent […]

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Anomaly | Star Wars Episode 1: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

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In 1999 we felt a great disturbance in […]

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Geek Crafts | Decoupaged Comic Book Shoes Tutorial

Geek Crafts Tutorial: Decoupaged Comic Book Shoes
This post was originally published on the old Anomalous Musings […]

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Dispelling Myths: Six Reasons Why We Cosplay

If you like this article you may also enjoy: What is Cosplay? Costuming 101 or our 2013 […]

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Meet the Podcast Hosts

Jen Rhodes
Jen RhodesAnomaly Podcast
In 3rd grade, Jen coaxed the student body into playing “V” during recess. She lead the Visitors as “Diana” until red dust, AKA cherry flavored Kool-Aid mix, ended her reign. Without her leadership, the game ended soon after.
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Angela Flournoy
Angela FlournoyAnomaly Podcast
Angela’s first memories include Wrath of Kahn, Return of the Jedi, talking with 4th grade boy scouts about Amazing Stories instead of with girls about whatever 4th grade girls chat about. But she was never a tomboy and thus an Anomaly.
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SueAnomaly Supplemental
The legend goes that Sue’s thirteen-year-old brother didn’t want to baby-sit, so he took infant Sue to “Return of the Jedi”. She watched the film, enraptured, and was carried from the theater with a shiny, new, metaphorical geek card.
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KaseyAnomaly Supplemental
Kasey has studied the works not only of Shakespeare, Stoppard, and Sondheim, but also Roddenberry, Whedon, Lucas, and the classic collaborative efforts of comedic geniuses— Pegg and Wright. And she is a gigantic Anomaly.
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Geek Girl Podcast & Blog

Anomaly Geek Girl Podcast and blogAnomaly and Anomaly Supplemental are the best podcasts in the verse.  Anomaly is an award winning geek girl show, often featured in the “What’s Hot” section under “TV and Film” within the iTunes store. From the start, the founders of Anomaly had but one goal in mind: to have fun while sharing their feminine perspectives on all things geek. Created almost seven years ago by  Jen and Angela, These two popular podcasts, feature commentary and reviews on sci fi and fantasy books, television, and films. Episode topics also include: gaming, cosplay, convention reportsinterviews, musical theatre, and geek culture.

The term “Anomaly”, as it is used by this geek girl podcast & blog, was originally coined by the founding co-hosts. They use the descriptor to set themselves apart from the stereotypes that are  typically associated with geeks. Anomalies are women who do not allow themselves to be stuffed into pigeonholes. Anomalies are not living in their mothers’ basements. Neither are they scantily-clad geek girl sirens created in the dreams of equally stigmatized geek guys. Anomalies are unique. They are capable women with diverse backgrounds and hobbies. They, as Anomalies, are socially functional fan girls who like their TNG with a side of America’s Next Top Model or whatever else is considered “normal”.

This term is reserved for women.  Sorry, men,  you can not have it. But one of your brethren, a fellow Anomaly listener, proposed that you call yourselves “Singularities.”  Singularity: the state of being singular, distinct, peculiar, uncommon or unusual. We Anomalies think it sings. Rock on, our atypical brothers, rock on. You, too, are welcome here.