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Anomaly is a geek girl podcast and blog, founded by Jen and Angela. The show is often featured in the “What’s Hot” section, under TV and Film, in the iTunes Store and has been called a “Podcast Luminary” by Libsyn.com.  Described by listeners (both men and women) as “smart”, “funny”, “informative” and “addictive”, its geeky podcast episodes are centered on sci fi fantasy books, movies, television and games as well as cosplay tips and conventions reports.  Angela and Jen, have always had two goals in mind for every episode; to have fun and to offer their female perspective on all things geek.

Explore our episodes below and be sure to check out our support show/kid sister: Anomaly Supplemental.

Always worth a listen, these interesting ladies will make you laugh and ponder your own geeky questions!
I only wish I’d found this podcast years ago.
James & Jewell
Keep them coming ladies. Love every episode.
Very fun podcast. Good Information. One of my favorites ones out there.
I am a geeky girl and I love this podcast…keep them coming ladies :)
Outstanding podcast! These ladies know their sci-fi, and they have a great chemistry. A joy ot listen to!
It’s fun to listen to these two revel in their geekdom. As a bonus, there is a bit of info thrown in as well.

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Anomaly | Star Wars Episode 2: Anakin the Creepy Creeper

As we get closer and closer to December, Anomaly aims to bring our review series of all six existing Star Wars movies closer to a conclusion. This week we cover the super cringeworthy, Star Wars Episode 2: Attack of the Clones. Your inner Star Wars fan-purist cannot get enough nerd-rage with Anomaly! In a conversation that will never get old, Angela and Jen take a look at the 5th/2nd installment in the Star Wars Hex-logy.

You’ll hear old hits like: “no chemistry between actors”, “plot holes are horrible”, and my personal […]

Independence Day: A Breakthrough Blockbuster or Mediocre Movie? | Anomaly

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Independence Day: A Breakthrough Blockbuster or Mediocre Movie?
Happy July 4th weekend everyone! In the immortal words of President Bill Pullman: “We will not go quietly into the night!” We will not vanish without a fight! We’re going to live on! We’re going to survive! Today we celebrate our Independence Day!”

In this long awaited episode of Anomaly, we discuss the 1996 quintessential summer blockbuster, Independence Day starring Will Smith as action hero guy and Jeff Goldblum as the nerd with a plan and Randy Quaid as […]

Classic Games We Loved in the 80s | Anomaly Podcast

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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun! | The Legendary 80s Games We Loved as Kids!
In this episode of Anomaly, Angela and I get nostalgic about the retro games we loved as kids—from 80s video games, game systems and 80s arcade games to our favorite pop bands, we’ll take you back to the time when the future was so bright we had to wear shades.

Here are a few of the classic games we talked about: Defender, River Run, Space Invaders, Frogger, Mike Tyson’s Punch Out, Pac Man, Ms. Pac Man, Egomania, Coconuts, ET, The […]

Retro Games We Hated | Kool-Aid Man Game

Kool-Aid Man Classic 80s Video Game
In our Anomaly podcast episode on classic games, among other favorites, I talked about “Kool-Aid Man”. Kool-Aid is a sugary drink, one made by mixing powdered Kool-Aid mix and sugar with water. It comes in a variety of flavors and we lived on it when we were growing up. When I was a kid, we mailed in a crap-ton of Kool-Aid proof of purchase points to get the Kool-Aid game made for the Atari 2600. That’s A LOT of sugar, people. I don’t know how my parents tolerated […]