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February 2017

Anomaly Turns 10 Years Old!

By | February 6th, 2017|Anomalous Musings, Anomaly, Geek, Holidays|

Happy Birthday to Anomaly! Ten years ago today, Jen and Angela recorded their first episode of Anomaly! It all started in Angela's living room with a piano playing a random intro. It seems like yesterday. Alas, the first episode is missing! If you've been listening since the very beginning, maybe you have our [...]

August 2016

Sue’s Dragon Con 2016 Schedule

By | August 24th, 2016|Anomalous Musings, Anomaly Supplemental, Con Prep, Convention Report, ConventionPanels, Geek, News|

It's the most... wonderful time... of the year!  Dragon Con time!  As you'll see, I'm clearly not good at not being on panels, and I've hit a new all-time high this year with 16 events.  And I'm not even doing the parade.  So before I go pre-sleep (it won't work, I'm sure), here's where I'll [...]

July 2016

Convention Prep 101 | Packing for Con

By | July 21st, 2016|Anomalous Musings, Con Prep, Geek|

Donate Blog RSS iTunes Stitcher Zune Podcast RSS I believe that everyone has a real life superpower.  Mine is packing.  Just like Mary Poppins and her carpet bag, I've done 5 days of Dragon Con - including 3 costumes and several pairs of shoes - with just a carry on.  I know what's [...]

Convention Prep 101 | The Con Bag

By | July 20th, 2016|Anomalous Musings, Con Prep, Tutorials|

Donate Blog RSS iTunes Stitcher Zune Podcast RSS I'm a pro at cons.  Not to flash my credentials or anything, but I've been attending conventions for over 20 years, I'm a Dragon Con Eternal Member, and I've been to my fair share of World Cons and NYCCs. In the 50th anniversary year of [...]