Happy Birthday to Anomaly!

Ten years ago today, Jen and Angela recorded their first episode of Anomaly! It all started in Angela’s living room with a piano playing a random intro. It seems like yesterday. Alas, the first episode is missing! If you’ve been listening since the very beginning, maybe you have our first episode saved somewhere! If you do, please pass it on to us! We will love you forever! For realz.

Thank you for listening to for all these years.

We’ll be back in a couple of weeks with a tenth-anniversary show!

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Jen and Angela Through the Years


Jen and Angela circa 2008

Texas Renaissance Festival

Jen and Angela Texas Renaissance Festival

Anomaly Podcast

Jen and Angela in 2012 at Austin Comic Con

Jen and Angela Austin Comic Con 2013

Angela, Jen and Friends Austin Comic Con 2015

Jen and Angela and their friend Rico Austin Comic Con 2015

The Progression of Anomaly Album Art

Anomaly Crop Circle Graphic

10-year-old Album Art

Anomaly Podcast

Album Art from 2007

Anomaly Podcast

Anomaly Podcast

The card Angela gave Noah so long ago

Anomaly Podcast

Geek girl podcast and blog

Here’s to ten more!