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Something that deviates from what is standard, normal, or expected. An oddity, peculiarity, inconstancy, incongruity… a rarity.

Anomaly Podcast

JenFounding Co-Host / Producer / Rogue

Jen is one of the original co-hosts of Anomaly. She is a professional graphic designer, illustrator, narrator, and voice actress.

A little background?

She was raised on a farm, in the sticks of South Texas. Her father, John Wayne’s twin brother, is the individual responsible for introducing her to all things geeky. Jen has always been an introverted geek, but not the stereotypical sort…

In 3rd grade, Jen coaxed the student body into playing “V” during recess. She led the Visitors as “Diana” until red dust, AKA: cherry flavored Kool-Aid mix, ended her reign. Without her leadership, the game ended too. But she didn’t always play the villain, Jen was a real-life playground superhero; rescuing kids from school bullies. After a bully threw the first punch, they soon lost to a girl and the hostile negotiations were concluded without further incident.

In high school, Jen was able to hide her geek girl nature within a very dark closet, earning a Senior Class Favorite Title: “Most Talented Girl”. She went on to study art and design in college, where she met her non-geek husband Dave. She married that guy and earned a BFA. Dave was oblivious to her geekness until nine years later when she met her best friend and Anomaly co-host, Angela. Angela is a geek bomb. Her nerdy business-hour discussions with Jen were so epic, the two decided to record and share their geeky conversations with the world. On February 7, 2007 the Anomaly podcast came to be and Jen was coaxed out of the geek closet, never to return again.

Jen is currently living happily ever after with her husband and their little boy, Aaron. Both have made appearances on the show.

Jen is also a co-host on The Star Wars Stacks podcast; a book review show, available via iTunes and Stitcher Smart Radio.

You can hire Jen to brand yourself/your biz or design and illustrate something graphically kickass by contacting her through her website at

AngelaFounding Co-Host/ Producer / Tank

Angela is the co-host and co-founder of Anomaly. Angela is a born geek. She has been a theatre nerd for twenty seven years having worked her way from kid in theatre class to actress to costume designer to director. Her first memories include Wrath of Kahn and Return of the Jedi, not to mention talking with the boy scouts in fourth grade about Amazing Stories instead of with the girls about whatever fourth grade girls talk about. But she was never really a tomboy, and thus is an Anomaly (AKA “geek girl”). She has played video games and been a Star Wars and Star Trek geek basically as long as she can remember. She was also blessed in middle school to have met her nerdy long time best friend Stephanie who introduced her to the fantasy side of sci-if/fantasy. In 2005 Jen introduced her to the GeeksOn and Treks In Sci-Fi podcasts and then a podcaster was born.

She is proud to be a geek and a geek bomb. Her unwillingness to hide her geek leads her on great adventures and allows her to meet awesome people like Jen. Angela’s final thought: “This is not a Democracy, it’s a Cheeracracy and I’m the Cheertator.”

Angela is married to her awesome geeky and musically talented husband Jim, the source of the “Anomaly” punk rock themes, and they have a little geekling named Russell. She loves being a sixth generation Texan as much as she loves her lightsaber. Angela is an accomplished seamstress and costume designer. She makes many of the creations you see in the Ren Fest photos for herself and some for Jen as well. She does not do many other podcasting projects as theatre takes up most of her spare time. Her favorite roles include “Angel” in The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, “Shelby” in Steel Magnolias, and “Lily” in Annie. Her favorite directing projects so far have been The Music Man and Annie Get Your Gun.

In September of 2010 Angela was diagnosed with Cancer. She finished chemo in April of 2011 and as of now is completely cancer free. Though it is a bit of a downer, Angela would like to remind everyone to pay attention when your body tells you something is wrong and get checked out. It can happen to any one.

Sith Jen
Sith JenContributor / RL BFF / Sithy Healer

Jen, AKA “Sith Jen”, is a sometimes-guest-co-host and longtime in person supporter of Anomaly Podcast.

Though late to the proclaimed “Geek” culture she was early to the gaming culture and master dresser upper and has fond memories of hours spent getting the Master Sword before her little brother and sister and lobbying for dress up privileges. Strangely enough; Star Wars was her and her siblings’ favorite dress up game to play, despite the small technicality of not actually being allowed to watch the movie.

In primary school through high school she was drawn to the performance arts of acting/singing/dancing. The void in good school play costumes finally drew Jen into the world of costuming. Determined to never give up playing with costumes, she entered the BFA Theatre Arts department at NMSU to master all forms of dress up.

By sophomore year in college she had discovered Cosplay. Determined to start with an easy costume, she proceeded to spend the month after the release of The Phantom Menace recreating Queen Amidala’s Parade gown by watching the movie every morning and sewing/dying fabric every night. Understandably, that semester was not her best academic showing.

These days Jen is Mom to a small horde of geek minions, Professional Nurse, Costume designer for Renaissance and Fantasy Faires, Halloween Champion Team Coach, ComicCon goer, Cosplayer of heavy Star Wars influence and Denizen of the Empire/501st hopeful (wish me luck with my first application this year!)

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Anomaly Supplemental

SueCo-Host / Producer / Whovangelist

Sue is a writer for Anomalous Musings and co-host and producer of Anomaly Supplemental. She is a trekkie, a tap dancer, a juggler, a bleacher creature at Yankee Stadium, a Disnerd, a Henson fan, a blogger, a runner, a theatre nerd, a reader, a board-gamer…and therefore an “Anomaly”.

She blames/credits her brother, Joe, for making her a geek girl. The legend has it that thirteen-year-old Joe didn’t want to baby-sit, so he took infant Sue to “Return of the Jedi”. She watched, enraptured by Star Wars, and was carried from the movie theater with her shiny, new, metaphorical geek card.

IRL, Sue has a degree in chaotic dynamics (math) and works in the arts.  Sue can also be heard regularly on the Women and Warp and Debriefing DragonCon podcasts.

When not posting on Anomalous Musings and/or recording a podcast, she’s usually doing some combination of the following:  a) seeing a show, b) making a costume, c) training for the 2016 Walt Disney World Marathon, d) consuming some kind of geeky media to blog or podcast about later.

In addition to appearances on the Anomaly Network, Sue was interviewed by Rick Moyer on the Take Him With You podcast and Al & Joyce on Tales From the Mouse House: A Disneyland Podcast, joined the All Thing Trek crew for a three-episode series on Star Trek TOS, and can be heard regularly as that-girl-who-does-the-bumpers on the Waffle On podcast. She believes that the following can do no wrong: Joss Whedon, Terry Pratchett, Stephen Sondheim, and Bebe Neuwirth.

KaseyCo-Host / Producer / Whovangelist

Kasey is an Anomalous Staff Writer for Anomalous Musings and occasional co-host on Anomaly Supplemental. After misspellings of her first name and confusion with her middle name sounding like “Klingon,” she now uses her initials as her nom de plume. A born and raised Texan, KC was the second of three children to the odd pairing of a cowboy and a fashion doll.

While a happy and attention deficit little girl, she was exposed to a childhood void of appreciation for the science fiction and fantasy genres. She finally leaped into the geeky vortex after watching her first episode of Doctor Who in 2008. Since then, she has studied the works not only of Shakespeare, Stoppard, and Sondheim, but also Roddenberry, Whedon, Lucas, and the classic collaborative efforts of Pegg and Wright.

KC has appeared as a guest host on Treks in Sci-Fi and Anomaly, and has hosted the first group of episodes of Anomaly Supplemental alongside fellow Anomaly, Sue. She can also be heard as Aria in the dramatization of the Trek in Sci-RPG, “Star Trek: Boldly.”

SarahContributor / 80's Aficionado

Sarah is an Anomaly and Anomaly Supplemental contributor and Anomalous staff writer.

She grew up on a steady diet of Star Trek and Star Wars, and landed her husband due to the fact that she knew the difference between the original Krayt Dragon call and the redone version in the re-released Star Wars trilogy–she had an opinion regarding which one was better and this impressed him.

Speaking of her husband, Sarah believes Andrew is the best guy in the whole world and they indulge in sci-fi-goodness basically every day–whether they’re watching it in the evenings or talking about it via e-mail during the day while he’s at work.

Sarah has also been a voice actress for six years under the stage name “Silas Carder”; a name she based on her favorite Star Wars prequel actor, Silas Carson. She got her start on her brother Joe’s audio drama: “Conquest of the Empire”, in which he played every character aside from the females!

AnneContributor / Bawdy Bard

Anne is an Anomaly and Anomaly Supplemental contributor as well as an Anomalous staff writer. An only child with a closet full of lightsabers, Anne fought her way from Chicago to take up residence in New York City.

Anne grew up like Sara in Labyrinth... well minus advances made by Goblin-King-David-Bowie and his tight pants. She quickly filled her sibling-less days with dragon slaying, singing Sondheim, Greek mythology, and Jedi training with her imaginary friend, Luke Skywalker.

As an adult, she feels blessed to be surrounded by a close circle of fellow confident geeks and “Anomalies” who play World of Warcraft, attend Renaissance Faires, cosplay at Comicon, write webseries, record podcasts, play Dungeons and Dragons, and perform in new theatrical works.
As an actress, Anne has performed in musicals and plays around Manhattan and voiced characters in Machinima movies online. She has also been involved in creating new work both online and onstage. She is one of the creators/writers of O-Cast, a webseries about the Greek gods living in NYC. She is also a creator/writer for This is Art, a new comedy webseries about a group of young artists trying to stay afloat in NYC. She is also a company member and the marketing associate for Box Full of Wasps Theatre Collective.
For more info about Anne, check out her web site and her blog: Project Reroll.

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Anomalous Staff Writers

NoahContributor / Singularity / Ninja

Noah is obviously NOT a geek girl, but he’s a good friend to them. He’s a Ninja and a contributor to Anomaly with random intros, sound drops, blogs, the occasional Nerd News segment, and is the quasi-official Anomaly Convention staff photographer. He is an aspiring writer and a former radio news reporter. He was born in the Pacific Northwest and lived there till he was seven, at which time his family moved to various small towns in South Texas and he hasn’t left since. His parents are the main driving forces behind starting him down the geek path.

When he was just a month old, Empire Strikes Back was released in theaters to a nation thirsty for the second chapter of the Star Wars Trilogy.  Did his parents get a sitter?  NO!  They took a newborn to a movie theater.  Then to lull the small child to sleep his mother didn’t reach for Dr. Seuss, she went to J.R.R. Tolkien.

In junior high, desperate for more content from the Star Wars universe he loved so dearly, he was thrilled to discover that books were being written about his beloved characters. In high school he would take his first ever date to go and see Return of the Jedi: Special Edition in the theater.  He would wait in line with college friends to go and see and utterly reject The Phantom Menace. He got shot down in his request to have the Medal Ceremony music at the end of A New Hope be the exit song playing at his wedding.

Despite that denial, he has been married to his wife Heather for over ten years strong. He has more lightsabers than living organisms in his house. He has added a love for Star Trek, Doctor Who, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, DC television and animated shows, and Harry Potter to his lifelong fandoms of Lord of the Rings, the art of Ninjitsu, and Star Wars.


Lynn is a is an Anomalous Staff Writer for Anomalous Musings. As a post-modern, pre-apocalyptic knitter of yarn, science, technology, and language, Lynn has been called everything from a “Word Nerd” to a “Knitting Machine,” from a “Geek Chick” to a “Space Princess.” But at the core of her being, she is a calm, devoted lover of gaming, the Earth, a gentle rain, and a cool breeze. She is a strong, self-powered, wind-up human, who will wear brown, not because it is the winning side, but because it is the right side. Lynn favors the creatures of the universe, including her small viper-pilot-wannabe dachshund, Nugget, and her man, Laserchuck, who has fallen through time without a Tardis.  Lynn prefers a quiet day with yarn in hand and the fiction of science on the screen, or some British costume drama, while also poking at the laptop to learn more about technology than she ever thought she’d have to know. She prefers vampires that don’t look like they had an accident at a craft store, and would like Hollywood to imagine more than they re-imagine.

Given the chance, Lynn would accept a ride on a starship from any of the following people: Hoban Washburne, The (9th) Doctor, Galen Tyrol, and Han Solo (who did shoot first, by the way). Lynn is a leaf on the wind and an Anomaly.

Follow Lynn on Twitter.

MicheleContributor / Tardis Pilot

Michele’s geeky journey started when a family friend sat down to watch an episode of Star Trek TNG. Once the interesting characters took the stage, she couldn’t turn away from the screen.

Since then she has avidly followed most of the Star Trek franchises and counts many of the female characters as inspirational leaders. She kept her geeky love to herself until she found out about “The Guild” a few years ago. From there she discovered the online world of web-series and podcasts and has been happily blogging and reading about it all ever since. When she is not dreaming of flying the Tardis to the furthest reaches of the universe, she is an partner to a wonderful wedding and lifestyle photographer (who happens to be her fiancé), owned by an insistent Bengal kitty, reading whatever catches her eye, selling Mary Kay, planning a geeky wedding and exploring the city of her birth, Brooklyn.

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