RED ALERT! You’ve had time to watch End Game, but just incase you still haven’t—spoilers, sweetie.

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What it was like to watch Avengers End Game in the Theater?

At the end of Avengers: Infinity war, our heroes were beaten to a pulp and audiences were left with a heart rending despair. The Avengers were soundly defeated…some even died. And yet we still believed in them. They would come back from this. They had to.

But how?

This is the the question that broke the box office records when fans stormed the theaters to see the sequel to Infinity War. And we were not disappointed.

In this transmission of Anomaly, we talk about everything from the passing of Peter Mayhew (the actor who played Chewbacca in Star Wars), how End Game treated Black Widow and Captain Marvel, loving Peter Parker…in a mom way, getting a little verklempt with everyone else in the theater, and much more.

Why Avengers: End Game was a great movie?

End Game not just a film with a great storyline and excellent performances. It was an paralleled, unifying experience that I shared with a room full of fellow fans. We were as ONE for 3 hours and 2 minutes. We cried and cheered together…some of us even hugged it out afterwards. A movie that can move an audience in that manner, is indeed unique.

Avengers: End Game was an “end cap” for twenty-one films that fans invested time and emotion into. And what an ending it was.


Captain Marvel returning Tony Stark to Earth
Tony and Nebula are afloat in Star-Lord’s ship at this start of the film. Their situation is bleak. The food is gone and the oxygen will run out in thirty minutes. Tony is defeated, malnourished, exhausted, and emotionally drained.

Tony has bonded with Nebula during this time and we find them playing paper football as the movie starts. Stark lets her win, which seems to touch her. Competition has never been fun to Nebula, because if she lost she was always punished by her father. The being who had just destroyed half of all life in the entire universe. But we see her smile for the first time, as Tony shows her how enjoyable a game can be. And this was when I started to see her in a new light. Throughout this movie my admiration of Nebula grew to the point that she is now one of my favorite characters in the Marvel Universe.

Afterwards, Tony records a message for Pepper with his Iron Man Helmet. The scene is quiet and the mood is somber. But just when we think this will be the end for Nebula and Iron Man, Captain Marvel swoops in to rescue them. She carries the ship back to Earth and safely delivers Tony to Pepper.

Tony and Pepper embrace as he comes off the ship, and this is the first time Angela and I felt the “Jane Austen tears” (as Angela describes them) welling up in our eyes.

“I lost the kid,” is all he can manage to get out, and then the Jane Austen tears became streams of “don’t mind me, I’m just sobbing” tears.

More highlights

The End of Thanos (or the first end)
Squishy Thor
Morgan Stark
Time Travel
Hipster Hulk
Ant Man peeing himself as either a baby or old man
The death of Black Widow—she deserved to be there at the last battle, dammit
Nebula killing Nebula for Gamora’s sake
The Death of Black Widow
Captain America catching Thor’s Hammer!
The return of Doctor Strange, Black Panther, Spider-Man, Falcon, Wasp, Star Lord and all the other heroes who died in Infinity War.
Scarlet Witch serving Thanos an ass whipping
Spider-Man fan-boying over Captain Marvel and her office-speak reply
Captain Marvel serving it to Thanos with an “Oh yeah?”
Captain Marvel, Thor, and Iron Man teaming up against Thanos
Captain America beaten, bloodied, holding a broken shield…but getting up to fight again.
Pepper Pots in her Iron Man suite
The women of Marvel surrounding Captain Marvel as she carries the Infinity Glove
Hulk putting on the glove
Tony taking over and taking down Thanos
The sacrifice of Iron Man
Iron Man’s Funeral
Captain America and his happy ending
The passing of the shield to Falcon
Happy and Morgan
Experiencing this movie with an entire audience of like-minded fans

What did you think of the movie?

Stay tuned for our next episode, which will feature news on the new Star Trek series: “Picard” and the Amazon Prime series “The Wheel of Time” based on Robert Jordan’s fantasy series. We’ll also be reading your feedback. So drop us a line if you have something to add to the conversation!

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