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Suicide Squad is Wicked Fun

Harley Quinn Suicide SquadJen and Angela went to see Suicide Squad for Angela’s birthday! Besides the bad reviews and the media madness surrounding Jared Leto’s “acting” antics the movie is actually good, summer blockbuster fun. The movie uses the strengths of all its actors and creates killer action heroes to cheer for, from villains you love to hate! Enjoy this video review of Suicide Squad then tell us what YOU think. Call our voicemail line at 432-363-4742, leave a message below or email us.

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Issues Discussed
Jared Leto’s Acting Choices
When did Dr. Quinn and Dr. Moon graduate from medical school?
Diablo’s parenting style
Will Smith is an excellent anchor for the cast

Idea for a new topic regarding Gold and Silver Age DC Comics
Can the perfect hero who started it all: Superman really have a place in a world of complex cynicism like 2016 and beyond? Coming soon!

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