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Are you overwhelmed with the shear amount of choices when browsing Netflix? Do you often get so confused that after 30 minutes of looking you just watch Parks and Rec or Star Trek TNG for the 25 time? Is it time for you to broaden your horizons and find something new on Netflix Originals?

Great! You are in the right place.

I know this already sounds like an ad for Netflix, but it really isn’t. We all know there is tremendous programming and we want to know where to start. Do you know HOW many hours of show are on Netflix? The good people at Bustle estimated as of last year that there are about 966 hours worth of Netflix Originals. That is 40 days straight of TV. Or if you did nothing but watch Netflix shows as your 9-5 job, it would take 6 months to complete them all. And again that was based on data that is 1 year old. I would add 400+ hour to that right now. And I’m not doing the math again. Anyway, with so much great stuff, what should you watch?

Angela and Jen are here to help. No, we have not been able to watch every show, but we do have some ideas for shows you might like. In this episode we cover the shows that caught our eyes, and give our honest opinion. As you know Jen and Angela usually cover genre entertainment, but we also discuss muggle shows in this podcast.

Check out our opinions on  Travelers, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, kids TV, dramas, comedies, and more. And don’t forget to let us know what you are watching. Any recommendations for your favorite hidden gem on Netflix? We want to hear from you. Enjoy the show.

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