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A Guardians of the Galaxy Review From New Fans:

Hi, I’m Jen. I was one of a handful of audience members, who knew to stay until the end of the credits for the Marvel Easter egg after the Guardians movie…and I am an Anomaly.

I probably could have summed all that up by saying this in the deepest voice as I could manage:” I am Groot!”

In this edition of our geek girl podcast, Angela and I deliver a Guardians of the Galaxy review. To give you a brief synopsis of our discussion, we were pleasantly surprised at the depth of the story.

It made me laugh and cry and it had me on the edge of my seat from the very start.

Angela loved the organic humor and was laughing aloud, right along with me. The Rocket Raccoon lines made my sides hurt. She also had high praise for the costuming. We both commented on how refreshing it was to see a female science fiction character in clothing that was flattering but not overly sexualized. It put the focus on the character and not her looks, and

Guardians of the Galaxy Review

We both appreciated that. And, as Gen Xers who once lived by the “awesome mix tape”, we each LOVED the soundtrack. It’s definitely one to buy.

We are now newly minted Guardians of the Galaxy fans! The casting was great! The dialogue was clever and the comedy was non-stop awesome! We highly recommend you see this movie… now!

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