Please be aware that this episode contains spoilers for episode 6 of Star Trek Discovery.

More Star Trek Discovery reviews coming your way!

Anomaly sometimes records what we call a “mini-skirt” ‘cast. This is a podcast we publish outside of our regular schedule and is usually a little shorter than a full show. And you can expect several in the next few weeks discussing Start Trek Discovery!

This week’s review: episode 6 – “Lethe”

The show is now 6 episodes in, and it’s getting interesting. Jen and Angela are excited about plots unfolding. This week we look at Episode 6 – Lethe. For our viewers who are interested, lethe literally means “oblivion”, “forgetfulness”, or “concealment”. Could that mean that everyone is being untruthful? Probably. As Discovery continues there is more and more to unpack and analyze. The character of Sarek and more information about his relationship with Micheal are explored in this episode.

Is Discovery presenting a good story?

We need to talk about the obvious. One of the hardest things about Star Trek Discovery as a devoted fan of Star Trek is balancing your desire for some new stories from your favorite world and the fact that SciFi as a genre has come a long way in 50 years so of course, they have to change it up. I guess it comes down to – What do you enjoy about Star Trek or any SciFi, and is Discovery presenting a good story?

Amanda gives Michael Alice in Wonderland

For Angela, if the story is good and the characters draw you in then we can forgive some timeline and continuity issues. Also, the show is presenting a Star Trek in the midst of war. The Discovery as a ship is exactly what so many fans are – built for exploration and adventure, but forced into a war against a brutal enemy. If they can find a moral center and keep asking interesting questions, this might be the perfect Star Trek for our times. Luckily, we will get a least two seasons to make that judgment.


Think about this…

1. Is that a holodeck?

2. We need that DISCO shirt for our workouts NOW!

3. Is Ash Tyler damaged or a bad guy?

4. Did he just send his “friend” to a fate he blew up a whole other ship to avoid?

5. Tilly is always a joy.

6. Breakfast tacos in Star Fleet…okay who’s from Texas?

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