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Wonder Woman RosieIn these special two-part Women of Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Fandom episode, Angela and I were joined over Skype by Sue, Kasey and Anne (the hosts of Anomaly Supplemental). Also on this call was a special guest: “Bethany” from The Star Wars Report. We range in age from thirty-seven to twenty-one and their life experiences have shaped their opinions, which are all slightly different.  The discussion pertained to how we believe females are treated in Sci-Fi, Fantasy and fandom. Are they objectified, elevated or both? Which writers and/or creators do the best job at writing female characters? Who fails completely?

The results of theWomen of Sci-Fi Survey that was distributed via Twitter, Facebook and the Newsletter reveal exactly what our listeners and staff thought with regards to this topic. The topic of female fans and how they may or may not perpetuate stereotypes is also debated.  The conversation then lead to how female writers in Hollywood are faring and how web series like Felicia Day’s The Guild offer opportunities that are denied to some women through conventional media. Also included: Joss Whedon’s Equality Now speech (at the end of part 2). The tone of the episode is fun, respectful, fair and smart. We think men and women alike, regardless of age, will find the conversation enlightening.

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The two parter will be followed by six episodes that include interviews with: Jessica Mills, Carrie Goldman,

Teal ShererMarian CallMur Lafferty and Mignon Fogarty.

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