Episode Description:

Jen and Angela (mega Wonder Woman fans) have been waiting for a blockbuster Wonder Woman Movie since they donned Underoos in the early 80s. In this episode, they discuss the new and highly-anticipated DC Universe super action movie with a female actress and female director at the helm!

Besides the obvious excitement associated with being 70s baby girls watching the Wonder Woman hero do her thing on TV, as grown women and mothers, we do get into the pros and cons of this kick-butt chick flick. (“I literally cried joyous tears during this.”  -Angela)


SPOILERS BELOW for the 2017 Wonder Woman Movie: You’ve been warned.

Some Topics:

  1. Did you know that was Buttercup? Angela didn’t.
  2. We want more Etta Candy.
  3. Is naked Chris Pine the same as naked Alice Eve?
  4. Who is Dr. Poison?
  5. Has DC gotten too dark?

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JenAnomaly Host / Producer / Rogue
“When my son questioned whether girls could be heroes, I pointed to Leia as an example and I am an Anomaly.”
AngelaAnomaly Host / Producer / Tank
“I believe that Leia was Force sensative and I am an Anomaly.”