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In a first time ever Anomaly/Anomaly Supplemental Crossover Episode we cover Lower Decks, a 7th season TNG episode that steps outside the normal boundaries of Scifi episodic television of the 1990s and focuses on the junior officers of the Enterprise crew so you can see the NC1701-D from their eyes.

Angela, Jen, KC, and Sue discuss the revolutionary perspective of the episode. Ensign Sito Jaxa is tapped by the Senior Officers for a dangerous mission where she will be tested to her limits. The last time we saw Sito was in The First Duty, wherein she was put on trial for a cover-up of the wrongful death of a fellow cadet along with Wesley Crusher.

The four ladies of Anomaly cover the themes of Lower Decks and Jen is unusually snarky (which is always fun).

Be sure to check our other Star Trek episodes in the archive. And a new Anomaly Supplemental will be out next week!

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