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As 2015 comes to a close, the Anomaly staff is looking back on our most popular blog posts of the last year, based on unique visitors.  In case you missed it, we shared our most downloaded podcast episodes of 2015 yesterday.  Just like with the episode downloads, blogs posted earlier in the year will have the edge over more recent posts, just in terms of numbers, but it’s nice to remember those early months of 2015.  So, in case you missed them, here are the Best of 2015: The Top 10 Most Popular Blog Posts on Anomalous Musings.

Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell

10. Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell: Episode Four Recap

KC recapped all 7 episodes of Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell, but it seems that the episode in the middle was the most popular.

star wars and the power of costume

9. Jedi, Princess, Rebel, Queen: A Star Wars Costume Exhibit

Sith Jen takes us through the Star Wars and The Power of Costume exhibit.

tv blog

8. Why “Just Stop Watching” Needs to Stop

Sue points out the problem with “If you don’t like it, just stop watching” when discussing, critiquing, and even criticizing media.

7. Celebrating #BevCrusherDay: Bev’s Best Moments

Sue shares the love for her favorite TNG character.

Black Widow avengers

6. The Black Widow Conundrum

KC takes on the rest of the internet in response to Black Widow’s infertility.

5.  Geek Crafts | Glittery TARDIS Shoes Tutorial

Sue takes you step-by-step through creating geeky and fashionable TARDIS shoes.

4.  Lootcrate vs Geek Fuel: Battle of the Monthly Nerd Boxes – September

The first post in Noah’s series comparing two of the most popular monthly subscription boxes for geeks and nerds.

geek bars

3.  The Rise of the Geek Bar

Sith Jen takes a look at the growing trend of geek-themed bars.

2.  “The Sixties” are No Excuse | Hermeneutics, Social Issues, and Star Trek

Sue explains why sci-fi created in the past doesn’t get a free pass on outdated ideas when it comes to analysis in today’s social and political climate.

geek crafts

1.  Geek Crafts | Decoupaged Comic Book Shoes Tutorial

Sue shows you how to turn some boring shoes, old comic books, and a couple of extra hours into a geekerific fashion statement.