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For Anomalies you would think that the release of Force Awakens would be all of the Christmas we would need. But Anomalies like regular gifts too. I’ve been sharing some ideas on our Facebook Page and her is a recap of some of the items I posted so far for 2015.

Finding a Gift for an Anomaly is Easy

I personally think that nerds (Anomalies) are the easiest to shop for during this season of giving. I don’t know about you, but I can’t get enough of my favorite shows which is why I am a fan! But if you are absolutely stuck. Here are the first 9 days of Anomaly Gift Ideas just for you!

Planet Glasses from ThinkGeek

$49.99 This planet glass set from Think Geek is perfect for your Anomaly. Last year they sold out of these, so get them while you can! They also have a Star Wars planets set.

Picardigan, get it?

$50.00 From Her Universe, an excellent resource for any Anomaly gift. Your Star Trek nerd will keep warm in a fashionable way with this cozy and stylish Picard-igan. Get it?

$60.00 If you want to bring your Chuck Taylor game up to level 11 you will enjoy this Wonder-ful selection directly from Chuck Taylor. Great for your Anomaly or for an Anomaly to splurge on herself. Say it is from Santa, we won’t tell.

$34.50 Found at Hot Topic Every Wonder Woman needs a place to put her stuff. Check out this amazing Wonder Woman backpack for your lasso of truth, or your bulletproof wrist-cuffs, or if you’re like me crayons and an extra rattle.

$24.99 For your Anomaly or Singularity that remembers the good old days of pong and playing outside. Underoos has done us all a favor by coming back for kids and adults!

$34.95 The Hobbit Shop has some great stuff for you and your whole Hobbit or Elven or Dwarven family. The middle earth map gear is not just a cool reminder of Middle Earth, it is also really beautiful art. Always a little bit of home.

$59.95 This slightly pricey selection from Harry Potter Shop will make you think that time has stopped. Time travel is the most interesting part of many SciFi and Fantasy worlds. Might as well have kick ass jewelry that turns back time.

$19.50 Again from Hot Topic, you can be your favorite “bad guy” in the verse with this stylish and warm Jayne Hat! Stay Shiny!

$29.99 What can I say, Think Geek knows what Anomalies love! You can pick your specialty and rock a bad ass hoodie! Science, Engineering, or Command?

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