Wizard World Austin Comic Con 2017

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Wizard World Austin 2017

Additional Topics Discussed

3:10 Meeting Felicia Day & Nichelle Nichols at Wizard World Austin 2017

4:10 Felicia Day’s Panel

5:41 Photo ops at Wizard World are always great and totally worth it

6:21 The crowd reaction when Jason Momoa enters the building

6:50 Stargate talk

8:32 Jason Momoa’s hat—is it too “Johnny Depp”?


10:18 Meeting the guys from Clerks / Jay and Silent Bob

11:41 Jen’s question for Felicia Day at her Wizard World Austin 2017 panel

12:58 Our real-life superpowers (Miniskirt Topic)

22:20 What we’re looking forward to at Wizard World Austin 2017

26:22 Contact info and close

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