The last day of Wizard World Austin Comic Con was a doozie!

I hope you’re enjoying our Wizard World Austin booth chats (DAY ONE and DAY TWO). If you haven’t already listened to Day ONE and TWO, be sure to check those out first. You don’t want to miss them, lots of fun things happened.

As I mentioned before, we recorded reports each day at our booth, along with a few mini skirt topics like “what real life super powers do you have?”, and a Star Trek Discovery Fall Finale discussion. All three of the reports are available now in our feed. This is the last of the live reports.  The Star Trek Discovery Chat will be uploaded tomorrow and a Felicia Day’s panel will be added next week.

We also have a recap video coming in the next week or two that will feature photos and video of all the experiences we talked about in this report, as well as commentary from me and Angela describing everything that took place. Subscribe to our YouTube channel or to our website so you know when it’s ready to watch.

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Additional Topics Discussed

2:03 Wizard World Austin 2017 After Party

3:50 Tagging Gandalf’s wizard staff

4:40 Jason Momoa, Angela, Rico, and Noah—photo ops and chance encounters

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