Anomaly Special: All Things Trek Interview

All Things Trek Album ArtThis special edition of Anomaly features an interview that was conducted over Skype by Oren from All Things Trek. Thank you, Oren, for sharing your episode. Representing Anomaly’s “Trek fan co-hosts” were myself, Angela, Sue and Sarah. Oren asked us a variety of questions like what our favorite episodes are, our thoughts on a new Star Trek series and much more. Note: I did say the interview “uncut and unedited” at the start of our episode, but because the show was almost two hours in length, I did remove their intro music and an addendum about Sarah’s idea for an Star Trek Alien.  After the interview, she remarked that her idea would involve an alien android hybrid.

Our thanks to Oren for sharing the episode with us! Please visit his web site and if you like this episode, subscribe to his show and leave him an iTunes rating. Their show is, as the title would suggest, about all things Trek. If you like Anomaly, please consider helping us out by either rating us on iTunes, sharing us with your friends, donating to our show (using the link at the right side or bottom of this page), purchasing an Anomaly product or visiting us at Comic Con (or all of the above)! We will have a booth at the Austin Comic Con in late October. Come say “hi”! We’d love to meet you. More details to follow.

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All Things Trek

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Believer, wife, mom, designer, voice actress, podcast host...Anomaly. Jen is one of the founding co-hosts of Anomaly. She introduced Angela to Podcasts in 2006, after stumbling upon Treks In Sci-Fi. They became involved in the Trek SF forum and were encouraged by the host (and now good friend) Rico Dosti, to start their own show. They did in 2007 with a little help from their friends and have never looked back. :)


  1. Dale McCoy September 17, 2012 at 5:46 pm - Reply

    Hey Ladies,

    I love your show. Unfortunately, I must correct you on one point. At about 15 minutes into the podcast someone said that ST: DS9 was doing something new with story archs going from episode to episode. DS9 copies that from Babylon 5. Everything good about DS9 was stolen from Babylon 5 (i.e. story archs, CGI instead of minis, the idea of a space station series). The reason why the non-episodic nature of DS9 started in season 3 was because ST saw how B5 was kicking their butts in awesome story telling.

    Literally, everything you ladies say that you love about ST:DS9 comes straight out of Babylon 5. You really should give that show a watch. You might just discover that you are true Babylon 5 fans after all.


  2. Dale McCoy September 17, 2012 at 5:54 pm - Reply

    Please ignore/delete my previous comment as I totally forgot you had covered B5 in previous episodes. Sorry about that.


  3. Jen September 17, 2012 at 6:33 pm - Reply

    LOL, no problem Dale! Thanks for posting! You’re right, they totally ripped off B5. But I think both shows are great. I think that comment came from Oren and i think he was simply referring to the differences between the Star Trek series…not necessarily that they were breaking any ground. :) Thank you for commenting, though! Hope to hear from you again.

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