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In this edition of Jen and Angela’s Worst of Trek series, the two hosts are joined by their friend Rico from the Treks In Sci-Fi podcast to discuss the Star Trek TOS episode: “Way to Eden”. Or as they like to call it: “When Space Hippies Attack!” The conversation is fun and informative, even for those who are not TOS or general Trek fans.  This episode does contain spoilers, so if you haven’t seen this original series episode, please watch it first so you can be sure to experience the full extent of humor. ;)
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JenFounding Co-Host / Producer
Jen teaches her 4-year-old son nerd basics, like the difference between droids and robots. Not the same thing people… NOT the same.
AngelaFounding Co-Host / Cheer-tator
This is not a democracy, it’s cheerocracy and Angela is the cheer-tator… and she will deal with the cheer-consequences.