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Wizard World Comic Con Austin: The Adventure is Always Worth It

This episode of Anomaly is a vidcast featuring commentary, photos, and video of our trip to Wizard World Comic Con Austin. Due to foul weather, our trek to the convention was a treacherous one: flooding, tornadoes, and gobs of stress. I don’t think it’s exaggerating to say this trip was almost as epic/harrowing as The Fellowship’s adventures in The Lord of the Rings. Like The Fellowship, our band of heroes traveled separately (or in small groups) to Austin, intent on destroying the One Ring meeting up and having fun at Comic Con. Luckily, we all made it safely to the capital city in order to report on our time at this year’s con. You probably want to see that episode now, don’t you? I’ll get to it. Patience, padawan. Give me a short paragraph or so to tell a heartwarming story, then I’ll give you the video player so you can stream our episode.

Here’s Why it’s Worth it…

Okay. I love this annual event. Going to Austin Comic Con allows me the rare opportunity to fully immerse myself in my many fandoms. For a few fun days, I’m practically inhaling geekdom… and it’s invigorating! The convention assaults the senses, which you’d think would be overwhelming to an introvert, but it’s not. It. Is. GLORIOUS! But the best part of going is not the overpriced food (it’s really not), the interesting panels, the varying degree of “famous celebrities,” the autographs, the ultra awesome cosplay, the swag, or the endless rows of merchandise found only at con—it’s getting to hang with my dearest friends for a whole weekend. We never get to do that! Life and distance keep us apart for most of the year, and this convention is a much anticipated reunion.

When I attend Comic Con, I allow myself to let go and become a complete and total nerd, along with the only people in my life who share my enthusiasm for such things… and no one judges. To quote 7 of 9, “We are as one,” and it is awesome.

If you’ve never been to a convention with a group of your closest friends, I highly recommend it. Start planning early and see if you can get a Fellowship together. Like life, Con as an adventure… and the adventure is grander with your best friends. 

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