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A Star Trek Cast Talks about the Good Ol Days (Men of TNG)

This Men of Star Trek TNG panel features Brent Spiner, Michael Dorn, LeVar Burton and Jonathan Frakes. It was recorded at Wizard World: Austin Comic Con in 2012. The banter between them is priceless. The cast answers question from the audience, talk about their experience on the show, poke fun at Patrick Stewart and the fans (all in fun) and describe a marriage proposal that occurred right in front of them during a photograph with a fan. It happened the very event we were recording. They thought it was the coolest thing, and we thought it was cool that THEY thought it was cool.

If you are like Angela and I, you probably watched Star Trek TNG when it was airing on television back in the late eighties, early nineties. We were adolecents during that time and we credit the show with helping shape the women we grew up to be. We saw smart women in science, medical and security. We saw a blind man who could pilot a ship and a boy, about our age, who often saved the day. The characters on this show worked together to help people in need, met knew friends and explored the universe.

It may sound strange to non-fans and non-geeks, but meeting the cast and hearing their stories is like coming home and finding your family waiting for you.

More Star Trek TNG

We recorded a full report from our experience at the convention, which happened to be the 25th anniversary of Star Trek. It was our very first “official” convention and the bar was set VERY high with most of the cast attending the event. Not only were the actors in this panel there, but also Marina Sirtis, Gates McFadden, Patrick Stewart and Wil Wheaton (who fell ill during the event and couldn’t attend the panel).

Patrick Stewart was not included in the panel of male cast members—featuring Spiner, Dorn, Burton and Frakes. He had his own panel, which Angela describes in our 2012 Comic Con Vid Report.

We hope you enjoy these reports as much as we enjoyed delievering them!

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