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Austin Comic Con 2013…ROCKED.

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In this episode of Anomaly, Jen and Angela tell the tale of their epic cosplay adventures at the Wizard World 2013 Comic Con in Austin, Texas. They had so much fun at this event in 2012  that the ladies of Anomaly once again “womaned” their own fan table. The goal was to meet their listeners and potential listeners and befriend other fan communities. They met some very cool people there, including representatives of Fleet 31 (a Star Trek Online Guild), the DFW Ghostbusters, The Sith Shadow Council of Texas and The 501st all of which are costume groups. The Anomalies also spoke with a few other podcasters like Carlisle from “Punching through the Walls of Reality”, who they had met the previous year at Austin Comic Con. You’ll find a link to all of these groups at the bottom of the page.

Jen and Angela were joined by their friends Kasey, from Anomaly Supplemental, Jen (AKA “Sith Jen” or “Buggie’s Jen”), Stephanie and her husband Jeff and Angela’s husband Jim. One of Jen and Angela’s highlights of Austin Comic Con was meeting their long-time online friend, Rico Dostie, from the Treks In Sci-Fi Podcast. They coordinated costumes in order create a couple of fun group themes and had  such a blast that Rico is still raving about it and planning another ACC trip later this year.

Rather than describe every aspect of the convention, this commentary is focused on their cosplay experience: what it was like to be in costume at the con. In addition, the two hosts give tips on wearing a Star Trek: The Original Series skant dress (don’t make these mistakes ladies). Jen and Angela also talked about the Scott Bakula/ William Shatner and Jewel Staite panels and having photos taken at Austin Comic Con with various celebrities, including the three mentioned above. Their report features a mini review of their Skant dresses, made by Anovos and CosplaySky, and a report on their experience with a company called “Circle Cam”. Circle Cam captured a series of 360 images of the Anomaly group in costume—that imagery is also included in the video. Look for interviews with Cicle Cam and a very cool Comicbook author, on our web site very soon.
Star Trek Cosplay
Once you’ve finished watching this Comic Con video, please scroll below it to find links to the various vendors, costume clubs, podcasters and Anomaly episodes we mentioned in our show.

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Star Wars Cosplay

Austin Comic Con cosplay

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Vendors Mentioned

219eileen– the Etsy shop where Jen
purchased her Jedi tunic, tabards and obi. – Store where Jen, Angela
and Stephanie purchased their TOS dresses– Store where Rico and “Sith Jen”
purchased their Anovos TOS uniforms

Circle Cam– The vendor who took 360 photos of us

Ultra Sabers– Where the Jens bought their AWESOME lightsabers!

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