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In this episode of Your Moment of Who, KC and Sue begin their Classic Who series.  Since we both came to Doctor Who after the 2005 return, we determined that this 8-month break between the 2013 Christmas special and the next new episodes would be the perfect opportunity to explore those that came before.  Each month, from January to July, we’ll be watching a Classic Who serial, one from each regeneration.  And, in August, the Doctor Who movie with Paul McGann.

This month – because it’s still January – we watched the very first Doctor Who serial ever – “An Unearthly Child” – with the very first Doctor ever, William Hartnell.  The serial includes 4 episodes: “An Unearthly Child,” “The Cave of Skulls,” “The Forest of Fear,” and “The Firemaker.”

We talk a bit about the difference in style from 1963 to now, how the character of the Doctor has changed (or not changed), and come to the conclusion that Susan is a little bit insane.  Among other things, of course.  Many thanks to Reggie for sending in some thoughts on this serial and the First Doctor.

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Coming up in February:  A Patrick Troughton serial! Do you have an opinion on which one we should watch?  Head on over to the Facebook group and tell us!

As always, end credit theme music is used by permission of Marian Call, who recently released a new album.  You should probably go buy it.

Your Moment of Who: Classic Who Series

About The Hosts

KCCo-Host/ Anomaly Supplemental
After misspellings of her first name and confusion with her middle name sounding like “Klingon,” she now uses her initials as her nom de plume.
SueCo-Host/ Anomaly Supplemental
Sue is a trekkie, a tap dancer, a juggler, a sports fan, an amateur photographer, a Henson fan, a blogger, a theatre nerd, a reader, a board-gamer…and therefore an “Anomaly”.

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