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You know the drill by now.  The end of July means it’s time that KC and Sue talk about the Seventh Doctor, by way of “The Greatest Show in the Galaxy.”  After some preliminary research, we put this serial out there as our frontrunner for viewing, and received no other suggestions.  But our uncontested winner turned out to be one of our favorite serials (featuring one of our favorite Doctors) in this project.

As usual, our discussion takes a few diversions.  One, in particular, that gives us reason to post the following YouTube video.  You’re welcome.

Of course, we wouldn’t be Anomalies if we did not also discuss the fashions in the episode.  Sue concludes that, if she were to create a femme cosplay of a classic Doctor, it would be Seven.  KC favors Four.  These are some of our favorite Femme!Doctor cosplays, and their entire cosplay group (all Doctors through Eleven, minus War) can be found in this post on the FemmeDoctors tumblr.


Additionally, we discuss what we have seen and heard so far regarding the upcoming Series 8, featuring Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor.  Neither of us has read the leaked scripts, but we do speculate, so if you want to remain completely unspoiled regarding the next series, that discussion begins around 16:30.  We don’t talk about anything else, so you can just skip the rest.  And, in case you missed it, below is the full-length trailer for Series 8.

Your Moment of Who: Classic Who Series

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