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In this episode of Anomaly Supplemental, Sue and KC discuss the dearly departed ABC series Pushing Daisies. Amongst topics of discussion are the cast and the writing, possible reasons for its early cancellation, attempts at continuing the story, and the question of which genre this whimsical show fits in.

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Next episode, the Supplemental hosts are discussing series three of BBC’s Sherlock. Were you able to watch? Send us an email or 2 to 3 minute audio comment at moregirlygeekz(at), whether you wish to openly discuss Sherlock spoilers or discuss a previous episode!

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The theme music for Anomaly Supplemental is the song “I’ll Still be a Geek After Nobody Thinks it’s Chic (The Nerd Anthem)” from the album “Got To Fly” and is used by permission of Marian Call. Visit her website for more information and music. 

KCCo-Host/ Anomaly Supplemental
After misspellings of her first name and confusion with her middle name sounding like “Klingon,” she now uses her initials as her nom de plume.
SueCo-Host/ Anomaly Supplemental
Sue is a trekkie, a tap dancer, a juggler, a sports fan, an amateur photographer, a Henson fan, a blogger, a theatre nerd, a reader, a board-gamer…and therefore an “Anomaly”.
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  1. BeauTieMan February 20, 2014 at 8:40 pm - Reply

    So I know I should have listened to this one first. I am rather OC about how I listen to podcasts…..earliest first. But I listened to the Star Trek one. Then this one.

    I watched a few episodes and I did like it. I can’t remember why I only saw a few shows. Think that was when The Dresden Files and Flash gordon were comming on.

    But I did love hearing you two talk about it. Makes me want to reweatch. I belive it is on Netflix.

    Keep up the good work you two funny gals!

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