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Jason Isaacs PanelJason Isaacs was lucky enough to make it through the rain storms and appear at Wizard World’s Austin Comic Con 2015. I (Angela) was joined by Rico and Sith Jen at his lovely panel.

The awesome thing about Jason Isaacs is that he is a bit of a nerd himself, and has a good humor about the kind of celebrity that comes with being such a singular kind of role in a movie as huge as the Harry Potter franchise. As the patriarch of the Malfoy family, and one of the most loyal Death Eaters, we love to hate him. I think I speak for all fans when I say that he brought an amazing ickiness to Lucius and realism to the relationship between Dad and Draco.

I was really happy as a fellow trained actor to know that he brings the kind of detail to his characters that many of us were taught to. When he receives a role he really strives for truth and to get at the heart of this particular character’s reality. We used to say you have to know what kind of toothpaste your character uses in the morning. Finding truth in art is also one of my personal philosophies and it was nice to see it shared.

I would like to do the obligatory apology for audio. The panel itself was recorded in a large auditorium with a small portable mic. So it is mostly a recording of the sound system. There were a couple of inane questions from children who had never even seen Harry Potter (I think they just wanted to hear themselves on the mic) and I was going to edit them out. But I was really impressed with the way in which Isaacs handled the horrible questions and was able to twist an answer into a story that was fun and did not draw attention to the complete wrongness.

If you want to hear my question, it is near the end; about the 38:00 mark I think. Here is a Lucius gif for your entertainment.

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