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Just in time for the Texas Renaissance Festival, Austin Comic Con and Halloween (at the time of the recording anyway) comes Anomaly’s first “Costuming 101” episode.  Jen and Angela were joined by their guests “Sith Jen” (formerly known as Buggy’s Jen) and Angela’s husband Jim. They talked about their costuming plans for these events and offer tips and resources for beginning costumers. It’s basically a how to cosplay episode. At the start of the show, Sith Jen and Angela selected one of the Anomaly Facebook Group’s Fista Cuff suggestions and debated who would win in a fight, Arthur Dent or Bilbo Baggins. You’ll have to listen to find out who they declared the victor. Thanks to Eric M. for the suggestion.

November 22-24th, Jen, Angela, Kasey and Darth Jen will at Austin Comic Con. Anomaly has booth in the Fan Group area. Rico from Treks In Sci-Fi will be there too, come hang out and say “hi”.
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List of Resources Discussed:

Angela’s measurement guide is coming soon.

Sue’s Cosplay Blog
Jen’s Review of her Ultrasaber lightsaber (The Initiate)
lightsaber parts for DIY sabers
Covertech Clips and knobs (Jen’s Jedi Belt)
Our Pinterest Board on Star Trek TOS Cosplay
Our Pinterest Board on Fem Star Wars Cosplay
Anomaly’s Pinterest Board
Cosplay Sky (TOS Dresses and more)
The Rebel Legion Forum
The 501st 
Padawan’s Guide
Eileen Wolan’s Etsy Shop (Jen’s Jedi Costume)
Tunic, inner tunic and obi design to costume club specs
LeatherworkRL Etsy Shop (Jen’s Mini Bracers)
Will create custom designs for a great price
 Steckstore on Ebay (Snaps and Stitching Groover for Jedi Belt)
Good price and fast shipping
Hawke’s Leather on Ebay (Leather for Jedi belt, dye, and rivet anvil)  
Good price and fast shipping

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