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Hi, my name is Jen. I failed to come up with a clever “I am an Anomaly” intro this month and, incase you didn’t catch it the first time, I am an Anomaly. In this special installment, Angela and I try a new medium for our show—video! We have been going in costume to the Texas Renaissance Festival in Plantersville, Texas for many years. And every year since Anomaly’s inception, we have recorded T-Ren reports (all of which are available in our archive).

Rand Sunday for 8 weekends. Dates include October 6th through November 25th, from 9:00 AM to Dusk.” We can attest to the that. And the open and close of the fair is signaled by cannon shot. How cool is that?  This fair is so much fun that we attended two weekends in a row this year. This past November, Angela and I went with our good friends Stephanie and Jen (AKA Bug’s Jen) for a “girls only weekend”. In this edition we talked about our experience on that trip as well as the weekend after, when we returned with our husbands and a larger group of friends.

Also included in this episode are photos taken by my husband Dave and our friends Charity and Bart. In addition to photos, we incorporated video footage from 2011 as well as from previous years. Episode highlights include a performance by Circa Paleo, pre-fair camp activities, T-Ren costume parades and jousting.

Costumes abound in this episode. In our commentary, Angela and I also discussed our groups’ costume theme. Several of us went as characters from Robert Jordan’s fantasy series: The Wheel of Time. Be aware that we did let a few minor spoilers slip while describing the characters we went as, but warnings are given right before the spoilers so you can fast forward if need be. If you want to hear us talk more about The Wheel of Time, you can listen to our Wheel of Time: New Spring episode in the archive. We’ll be covering more of the books soon.

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Thank you so much to Circa Paleo for the use of their Tideland album music. You can buy their music via iTunes or on their web site. We highly recommend it.


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