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Austin Comic Con, Day Two: The Force Awakens

The duty I took upon myself last year at Austin Comic Con – and again this year – was to be the Chronicler for the Anomaly Booth. As such, I was the one who took most of the pictures/videos for later use in podcasts and blogs. I am by no means a professional photographer, but I like the artistry and don’t mind lugging around the camera. Many photos were taken on day one, but the second day was reserved for all the Anomaly crew to don their Star Wars costumes… so I got a LOT busier.


This isn’t just some random mob of folks we got together for a pic with Angela, Jen, and Rico.  I am fairly sure that everyone in this pic is associated with the Anomaly Podcast in some way, shape, or form.  I count eleven Ultrasabers.  (That’s eleven different people that had to answer at various times to many con-goers where they got their lightsabers.)  Anomaly and Ultrasabers: a match made in Geek Heaven.  Like I said folks at Ultrasabers… think of it as paying for advertising, not a 20% discount.  Make it happen.

Here’s a few other shots I took that I liked:


Jedi Jen vs Darth Revan


Jen and Angela


The ladies from the ‘Dynamics of a Raid Groups’ episode: Jen, Angela, Stephanie, Sith Jen.

I could put a lot more pics here (I took 331 in total over the con), but it’s about time to wrap it all up.

I think I figured out what I want to get out of a Con experience much more this year:  It’s not about finding a cool item to take home, or even getting a sweet lightsaber.  It’s about the experience.

I had a blast hanging out again with the ladies of Anomaly, Rico from Treks in Sci Fi, and all the other folk that were a part of our booth.  We shared stories, sang songs, danced, and were there for each other through the sometimes harrowing experiences of Austin Comic Con.

Maybe next time I’ll hit up a panel discussion or two.  For sure I’ll be stopping by to talk and get pictures signed by those celebrities that have had a major impact on my life.  I will swim in the experience that only a comic con can provide, and let the waves of nostalgia and childlike innocence wash over me.  I will snap pics of cosplayers ranging from the professionals in screen-accurate garb to those cobbled together with duct tape and love.  I will share stories, laugh, dance, and sing with friends.  At the end, I will be exhausted, but satiated in the knowledge that in those few scant days I managed to rejuvenate a small part of my soul.

And if by some small miracle Caroll Spinney happens to read this blog… I just want to say, again, Thank you.  Thank you for being generous with your time, sharing your stories, and in the playful way you interacted with those who came to visit you.  As a child you helped me learn many a lesson about life, and as an adult you helped me remember that age doesn’t take away the ability for one to find the child deep within.  I’ll never be able to shake Jim Henson’s hand.  It’s doubtful I’ll get to meet George Lucas.  But every convention will give me the chance to do that with someone else who helped shape who I am today.  Those are the things I will be looking forward to come next year.

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