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Our Favorite Sci-Fi Fantasy Couples II

“When you trip over love, it is easy to get up. But when you fall in love, it is impossible to stand again.”
― Albert Einstein

True Love

It’s that time of year when marketers urge us to insist on flowers, chocolate and romance. Yep, Valentine’s Day. Love it or hate it, it’s a thing.

I’m a hopeless romantic—a fan of romantic movies, date nights and roses. I happen to like Valentine’s Day…now. But I remember a time when I hated it. Like, a lot. I didn’t have a special someone and the holiday was painful for me to endure alone. I dated here and there in high school, but I didn’t have a real boyfriend until I was a freshman in college. My mom said it was because my “beauty was intimidating”—that’s what moms are supposed to say, right? Yep, my mom is awesome. :) The truth is I was taller than most of the guys I liked in high school, I was quiet and shy, I didn’t flirt and my dad was the one who was intimidating. Um, yeah. It took me a while to appreciate the fact that my dad looked out for his daughters with the ferocity of a Klingon Warrior.

Sci-Fi Fantasy CouplesThe guy I ended up with was not intimidated by my dad, despite his attempts to scare him away (a story for another time). I believe my dad thought he had lost his power to terrify. Not the case. Dave was just the real deal. He was handsome, persistent, kind and he cared about me. The bonus—Dave is much taller than I and he was well worth the pain of waiting. We’ve been married for twenty years now and thankfully, he and my dad get along great. Dad didn’t need to use his bat’leth to defend my honor. Yay!

I did fall. I fell hard. And I hope I never stand again. How’s that for romantic?


Sci-Fi Fantasy Love

Sci-Fi Fantasy CoupleHere’s the thing, my best friend Angela and I are total shippers. What’s a shipper? A fan who supports or wishes for a fictional relationship. What? We’re chicks that’s how we roll. We’ve talked about our favorite Sci-Fi Fantasy relationships on our show before,  in a video episode last year. It was so popular, and so much fun to record, that we decided to do it again this year for Valentine’s Day. Wait. Before you get all, “how could you forget so and so?!”,  We didn’t include every relationship in the ‘verse. It’s impossible, really. But we may have covered it in the first episode, just aren’t fans of the duo you like or didn’t think of them. If you come up with a worthy couple, please include it in the comments below. We’ll be sure to cover it in our next Sci-Fi Fantasy Couple episode.

You can comment below, email us or call our voice mail line at 432-363-4742 with your feedback. Thanks for listening and if you really enjoy our show, please rate it on iTunes!


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Sci-Fi Fantasy CouplesSci-Fi Fantasy Couples

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