Anomaly Supplemental celebrates the New Year by reflecting on 2012. In January’s episode, KC and Sue chat about their geeky discoveries of 2012. Whether they’ve been in existence for 5 months or 5 years, the hosts share the many gems that they stumbled upon. They also briefly discuss the geek news of 2012, disappointments of the previous year and what they look forward to in 2013. (UPDATE: KC listened back over the episode and needs to correct herself–any of her mentions of The Dark Knight were meant to be The Dark Knight Rises. She apologizes for any confusion while writing in the third person.)

Next month, Anomaly Supplemental will focus on fan favorite episode of Doctor Who, “The Girl in the Fireplace.” If you have a special spot for the Steven Moffat-penned story (or if you just like the pretty Rococo costumes), send in your comments!

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Would you like to check out the things that KC and Sue mention in the episode? Here are the lists for both hosts as well as their appropriate links!

Sue’s List
Apps Gone Free
Humans of NY
Underground NYPL
Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore by Robin Sloan
Girl Genius
“Feed” Trilogy by Mira Grant
Museum of Mathematics in NYC
Waking Sleeping Beauty

KC’s List
The Lizzie Bennet Diaries
Feast of Fiction (hosted by Jimmy Wong and Ashley James)
Moshe Kasher: Live in Oakland (available on Netflix)
Zen Pencils
Vaginal Fantasy Hangout with Felicia Day
Ready Player One by Ernest Cline
Indie Game: The Movie
Brain Pickings
Sword and Laser Podcast
The Gamers: Dorkness Rising

Happy listening and Happy Belated New Year!