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Be sure to scroll down to view the videos and photos, after you read this article.

In this episode of Anomaly, Jen, Sith Jen and Angela interview Ultra Sabers’ founder and co-owner, Alex Buckner.

Ultra Sabers, headquartered in Friendswood, Texas, creates some of the most affordable, durable, AWESOME lightsabers available on the market. Their hilts are made from high quality, custom CNC machined billet aluminum components, which makes them almost indestructible in their construction. While not completely custom, they sell many components that allow you to mix and match to create a custom lightsaber inexpensively.

Jen, Angela, Sith Jen, most of their friends and all of their children, own at least two… and they love them. If you’ve watched their Austin Comic Con reports from 2013 and 2014, you’ve probably seen them wielding the sabers as they cosplay as Jedi and Sith. Their sabers are not only durable, but they are extremely bright; there is no need to tweak the photographs in Photoshop afterwards, even when the picture has been taken indoors in an area with plenty of lighting. This makes Jen, a professional graphic designer, very happy.

During the interview, the co-hosts were shown Ultra Sabers’ newest edition, the “Flamberge”—a cross guard style lightsaber. You might remember seeing a similar lightsaber design, during the first teaser trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. If you haven’t, then CERTAINLY you’ve heard the geek rants about how impractical the hilt would be. Obviously, they were mistaken.

Alex demonstrated the Flamberge sound fonts and the component hilt system that makes Ultra Sabers’ hilts customizable.  After you’ve listened to the interview, watch the videos (immediately below) to see it in action. You’ll also find the commercial Alex referenced and Jen’s review of the Initiate V3 among related videos and photographs of our lightsabers.

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Our next episode will be a review of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, the first in our series on the prequels.  

Thanks for listening, watching and reading!

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Video Taken During the Interview

Photos of our Lightsabers

Ultra Sabers Commercial

Ultra Sabers Flamberge

Jen’s Review of the Initiate V3

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