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Jen and Angela return with a tribute to Carrie Fisher—a woman who was the ultimate Anomaly—someone the two hosts admire for her art, her spunk, her honesty, and charity. They waited a month to discuss her passing on the show, because, quite frankly, the two couldn’t talk about her death without getting choked up. Over a month has passed and they’ve had a bit of time to digest what happened, reflect on why she meant so much to them, and re-watch her films in preparation for this episode of Anomaly.

Leia Buns are to Leia as Mohawks are to Punk Rockers…

Carrie Fisher often made fun of the neatly coiled hair buns. True, they were strange, but they were a subtle middle finger to the Empire. A refusal to conform. Like Punk rockers, Carrie was a rebel and she referred to Princess Leia as an “identity”; she was one with Leia and Leia was one with her. I guess that’s why it’s so hard for some fans to differentiate between the actress and the character. The two often sounded the same, even to those of us who admire Carrie’s collective work. When we were girls, Princess Leia was one of our role models. She arrived on the scene during a time when there wasn’t a great number of women in film that we could look up to. And while we’re sure she received many “thank you’s” from women and girls over the years, we wish we could have joined the chorus, and thanked her in person for helping shape the women we are today. ~Jen

Fun Leia Buns

Carrie Fisher in Wishful Drinking

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“When my son questioned whether girls could be heroes, I pointed to Leia as an example and I am an Anomaly.”
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