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Ultra Sabers Lightsaber Review

JenStephanieAngleaJenSWIn this special video edition of Anomaly, I share a review a lightsaber that I purchased from Ultra Sabers, for cosplaying at Austin Comic Con. Please come visit our fan booth, if you’re going to attend the show! One of the three days we’ll be in attendance, our group will be dressing as Jedi, Sith and Bounty Hunters…I had to look the part of a Jedi Knight and that meant a lightsaber. But not just any lightsaber, it had to be a teal color, the color I always used in the Knights of the Old Republic Game, it had to be affordable, well made, aesthetically appealing, and upgradable. You see, I’m on a budget and can’t afford sound, but that doesn’t mean I won’t upgrade later. By going through Ultra Sabers, I can send back the lightsaber to have them do upgrades, or I can purchase the components and do it myself. Check out the Comic Con 2013 vidcast report to see my lightsaber, and other styles of lightsabers wielded by our group during our cosplay at the con. FYI: The first half of the report is in regards to the Cosplay Sky skant uniforms we purchased, the rest is about our Star Wars Cosplay.

Our next episode, coming in a few days, will be on Star Wars: Return of the Jedi and one of its themes, which is villain redemption. We discuss other examples of this theme in various sci-fi and fantasy television, film and literature.

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Thank you for your support! I hope you find this Ultra Sabers lightsaber review helpful.

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