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As we get closer and closer to December, Anomaly aims to bring our review series of all six existing Star Wars movies closer to a conclusion. This week we cover the super cringeworthy, Star Wars Episode 2: Attack of the Clones. Your inner Star Wars fan-purist cannot get enough nerd-rage with Anomaly! In a conversation that will never get old, Angela and Jen take a look at the 5th/2nd installment in the Star Wars Hex-logy.

You’ll hear old hits like: “no chemistry between actors”, “plot holes are horrible”, and my personal favorite, “what was Padme thinking?” — Feed your desire to connect with your fellow fans with righteous indignation.

Please forgive us for constantly referring to the episode as: “The Clone Wars”. We also do try our hardest to find something good in the rubble of episode 2. Costumes, lightsaber battles, and an appearance by Christopher Lee!

Our excitement about Episode 7 is not deterred! Keep a look out for our review of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, this fall!

Scroll down to check out this hilarious music video about “Anakin the Creeper”.

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