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carrie goldmanHi, I’m Sue.  I’m a girl who likes Star Wars.  And I am an Anomaly. You remember the story of Katie, the Star Wars girl from last fall, right?  Of course you do.  KC wrote an open letter to Katie on our blog.  I was able to talk to Carrie Goldman, Katie’s mom, almost a year after this story hit the national news.  (That photo is Katie and Carrie on Katie’s 8th birthday.)  Carrie gives us some updates on Katie and talks about the overwhelming response to the original blog she wrote about Katie being bullied for liking Star Wars and how that inspired her to start researching bullying for a book she’s working on.

Carrie shares some great advice on dealing with bullying as a parent and talking to kids about bullying and being bullied.  She also talks about how she believes being “geeky” has influenced Katie in the way she thinks and the way she plays with other kids.  We talk about the good influence of strong, confident female characters in science fiction, but also the sticky situations surrounding “sexiness” and “empowerment” in female characters, and what that may mean for young girls in the audience.

“Like” Portrait of an Adoption on Facebook or read the blog on ChicagoNow to say up to date with Carrie, Katie, and the rest of the Family.  You can also write on the wall and leave a note of support for Katie – she loves receiving them.  Carrie’s book, Bullied, will be released in Fall 2012 as part of the back-to-school series – keep an eye out for it. We hope you enjoy our interview with Carrie Goldman!

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