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In this episode of Anomaly Supplemental my brains were scrambled  then served them to me for breakfast…

This is my Babylon 5 Season 3 Review. Scroll down to find links to my season 1 and 2 reviews. Regarding this episode, I wanted to make a special note that I made a couple of  mistakes in this episode. For instance, I said “Sinclair” when I meant to say “Sheridan”. Also, I directed listeners to the wrong place to check out my show notes! Oops! (don’t know WHY I kept saying “EE-Va-Nova” I do realize it’s Ivon-novah….I really…wanted to kick my face every time I heard myself say it that way.)

So yeah…this is going to probably bring new meaning to the term “Show Notes” as it is quite literally all my notes on the show of Babylon 5 Season 3. There was A LOT to talk about in the episode and at times I felt like there were some little character moments or thoughts I would have liked to share but didn’t have time to…and with all the times I referenced “all my notes” I thought for you specific few…it might be enjoyable to read some of what I was thinking as I experienced Season 3. Most of it is pretty silly and horribly spelled, but I think once in a while there’s a pretty worthwhile observation. But…you don’t have to take MY word for it…

(Special thanks to Sue K for her help! And to Andrew my husband for helping me sort out the mountain of clips I had to go through, and for last hour editing help! Also to music man Kevin Macleod for his awesome music that totally spices up my bland talkies.

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Babylon 5 Episode Thoughts

S3E1: Matters of Honor

New opening-ARE YOU KIDDING ME??! They did the weird nodding thingy?

Like how they get a new person to do the voiceover at the beginning. Also glad that every does get their face and their name on the credits. Especially Lenier and Vir.

I love the story about the ranger pin with the three bowls: The figures blend in the middle to signify the two halves of their souls joined to battle a common enemy. The figures are worked into the same metal and hold the gemstone. The jewel is called Isil’Zha;meaning the future, birth, beginnings, and dawn of a new age. It is forged in white hot flame. The pin is then cooled in three bowls: First in ancient holy water, next in Minbari blood, and lastly in Human blood. It is said that when a ranger dies the two figures each shed three tears; one of water, two of blood.

So Marcus is like…um…Aragorn???

Rangers are…cooooool.

I really continue to like Garibaldi-he’s such an easy character, so Bruce Willis.

“I try never to get involved in my own life…too complicated.”

Optic Nerve did the makeup! I am geeking out about that since I love Face Off so much. Wonder if Glen was a part of Optic Nerve then or not?

I don’t know if Ivanova and Marcus will end up together but they’ve already got palpable chemistry.

The White Star is pretty cool-with the cool viewscreen and all. Feels like a lot of potential.

Pretty strong episode to open on!! Definitely impressed.

LOVE that they bring up forming a jump point in a jump gate. AWESOME idea and not even a cop-out solution.

I keep thinking Lenier is going to die or something! Keeps making me nervous.

First time we see Earth Central?

Still don’t like the communicators.

Formation of War Council ending with Delenn talking about the shadows is very strong.

S3E2: Convictions

Really wish that the dvd setup was better. We keep seeing all the scene selections when we want to just push play and watch the dang episode.

Like how no one can get the name right for the missionaries in the beginning.

New narration is good….still thinking…the faces part in the opening credits is 50% cool and 50% corny.

It’s interesting how so far this show has had very little romance and unlike Trek we don’t really have inter-crew romantic relationships. Yet anyway.

Lenier talking to the loud guy is hilarious. “I got hair…you got a bone.”

Lenier tells him he has Netter’s syndrome and that it’s contagious (Cute since Douglas Netter is the executive producer…you see the funny?) Love that he said that just to get away from talking to the guy.

REALLY clever to have the comedy before the tense moment with the explosion and Lenier saving Delenn and Londo-I definitely was NOT expecting it.

I just love G’kar. I still think he’s the best part of the show.

“I am not sure if any of that made sense, but I’m afraid if I try and go back and try to figure it out I will start bleeding from my ears.” Great line from Londo.

G’kar and Londo stuck together in a life…pretty fantastic idea.

So we find out that there is a major punishment for Narns if they kill a Centauri-which explains why G’kar hasn’t killed Londo yet.

G’Kar just laughing and making fun of Londo the entire time is hilarious and at the same time unsettling because you can tell he’s coming a little bit unglued by the situation.

The idea that he just wants to see Londo die enough that he won’t team up to escape the lift is an interesting idea, that he might want to see Londo die so bad that he’d die himself.

Did Sheridan just seriously put his link up his butt???

Really awesome concept with the fight going over the deadman switch.

“I hate my life” Londo. “So do I.” G’kar. :)

S3E3 A Day in the Strife

Mythbusters should test whether someone whistling real loud during a mob argument really works to shut people up…or if people can even hear it.

Sheridan calling the working mans bluff in the courtroom scene was pretty clever. Seems hard to believe that they still have gavels in the 2200’s though…

Shoot. Some guy here to replace Citizen G’kar…is this his last episode? I am gonna hate this!!!!

Stephen Macht as Na’Far…well…I do kinda like Stephen Macht for some reason.

Still really hard for me to see Centauri ruling over Narn, the Narn just look and seem so powerful and strong.

Wonder if they revered it  because it would have seemed to similar to DS9’s conflict between the Cardassians and the Bajorans, with the Cardassians being the stronger looking of the two. Either way I do think the juxtaposition is very interesting.

The scene at the nightclub is nice. I like the 40’s vibe, WWII kind of thing. Kind of brings across that they’re all in service together even more.

Really interesting Franklin being the one who’d get addicted to stimulants.

When did John see Na’far’s companion and save his life? I guess it was supposed to be in the past…

Whoa! Concept for the probe is awesome. A probe that is sent out with questions-if you can answer the questions correctly you are sufficiently advanced enough to be “Allowed” to live, otherwise it will explode. Cool idea.

Really good makeup job on the patient that Franklin needs a translator for. Practical makeup on this show is amazing.

This episode is really hodgey-podgey and strange.

Na’far is an interesting character-cowardly yet powerful an interesting dichotomy of a person.

“I don’t want to be killed because of a typo…it’d be embarrassing” Ivanova.

Like the teasing atmosphere between Sheridan and Ivanova even in tense situations.

If G’kar dies…I will be SO pissed off about it!!!

But I like that he believes so strongly in peace for his people that he’d die for it.

They’re acting like Franklin is being a jerk for reacting that way tyo the lady but she is being RIDICULOUS! Being all “Oh he’s on vacation!” instead of tracking him down. Being like “Oh you have all the other info so surely those two missing answers won’t be a big deal.” It’s a PROBE…that will EXPLODE AND KILL EVERYONE if you get an answer wrong lady!!! Get some perspective!

And then…they turn it all on it’s head by making it be a possible Beserker probe, that is searching for races that are advanced enough to pose a threat-if they answer the questions CORRECTLY they will get exploded. Pretty clever idea!

I am guessing what they do is transmit the correct answers to the probe once it’s started it’s retreat after the countdown comes and goes with no answers-which then causes the probe to detonate at a safe distance but assures that it won’t be a threat to anyone else. Although there are probably hundreds more somewhere.

“Is there anything more important that their safety?” “Yes…their freedom.” G’kar and a fellow Narn.

I like how Na’Tok cuts his hand after G’kar leaves in order to satisfy the mandate that their swords cannot be sheathed once drawn without tasting blood.

I wish I understood what Na’Tok says that makes G’kar stay…don’t really get it.

YAY! G’kar stays! For now…I am all stressed about when he leaves now. Or if he leaves. Does he even leave!?

Rewinded it…still don’t understand why what Na’tok says makes G’kar stay….

S3E4 Passing Through Gesthamane

Brad Dourif is in this episode. Crazy psycho empath guy from Voyager.

The graphics are still distractingly bad.

Kosh’s ship especially…eeps.

Return of Lyta Alexander.

Once again torn between how corny and how awesome the opening credit sequence is.

Weird honestly I don’t see the difference between Sheridan and Sinclair a lot of the times-he doesn’t really seem any different, you could see Sinclair saying a lot of the same stuff. That said I really do like Sheridan as a character though.

Lyta’s nightmare threat to Londo is PRETTY great, and pretty darn effective. I don’t care what he says…he was scared.

Minbari idea about projected soul is VERY interesting idea.

This is the best episode of the season so far for me.

You can’t reverse the mind wipe but you can bring certain memories to light. Kind of like making a crack in the memory wipe.

“Where does revenge end and justice begin?”

BAM! And the ending with Malcolm getting mind wiped and becoming a brother after killing Brad Dourif’s character, and Sheridan having to eat his words and forgive him-even though Malcolm doesn’t even remember what he’s done.

Crazy ending tacked on with fish gill Lyta and glowy powers coming out of Kosh.

S3E5 Voices of Authority

Delenn’s character seems to be at a halt- developmentally. I like her but I start to ghet tired of hearing her, she always seems to have taken on the role of explaining and monologue-ing about EVERYTHING especially any spiritual topics or legend. Which is understandable because she DOES know a lot but it’s the way she does it that’s a little off-putting for me.

It’s unfortunate because it seemed her character was going to take an interesting path becoming part human and part minbari.

The return of Delenn’s mentor, Draal, is interesting and unexpected the way things seemed to end  last time.

“The screamin’ willies”?!?!? Did Draal really just say that? Sometimes they make dignified people say really weird things…although on a side note that would be a pretty cool name for a band.

Delenn and G’kar scene…really like scenes with them together for some reason.

Oh snap. G’kar has heard about Rangers from someone. Delenn is not so good at pretending she doesn’t know what G’kar is talking about.

A political officer…very interesting…wondering how long this will last.

Totally forgot about Night Watch…guess they weren’t that scary in the last season.

Really don’t like how they’ve downplayed the seriousness of Draal’s ‘end’ in the Matrix. Now it’s like he can totally detatch himself whenever he wants for a couple of hours? No big deal?

Ivanova’s experience in the matrix is pretty intense actually! And she sees the destruction of Airforce One and the proof that Santiago was assassinated.

Ivanova ‘appearing’ in as soon as Musente the political officer is throwing herself at Sheridan is hilarious. Her face and how Sheridan has to kiss Musente otherwise she’d turn around and see Ivanova standing there.

Chemistry between Ivanova and Marcus is still rather overt.

Whoa. Psychedelic disco ball ship.

The first ones appear inside the White Star, they look kind of like tribal rock face men…interesting.

Shouldn’t Static look different on video screens 2,000 years later? I’d come up with cool weird Static, take advantage of the bizarre opportunity to create different looking stuff.

These so very enlightened first ones are so completely convinced to change their minds with reverse psychology/rivalry? Really.

Also…the voice of the rock man sounded exactly like Kosh to me.

LOVE the scene with G’kar just giving Garibaldi the book of G’quan. Garibaldi says “I don’t read Narn…” and G’kar just says “Learn.”

But darn…hope this doesn’t mean he’s leaving and him passing on the book is symbolic!

S3E6 Dust to Dust

Nice! Brought back the no Narn telepath arc. I like when shows have a good sense of their own continuity.


Nice to see Bester back.

I like the Minbari telepaths being there as soon as Bester gets there to block telepathic waves.

Not so sure I buy Ivanova about to blow up Bester’s ship…she’d be putting B5 under intense scrutiny and it’s extremely selfish and foolish and seems out of character for her, that she only just stops when Sheridan walks in.

“And if I had a baseball bat we could hang you from the ceiling and play pinata…” Garibaldi.

“A pinata-so you think of me as something bright and cheerful full of toys and candy for young children. Thank you…that makes me feel much better about our relationship.” Bester.


Whoa…this is like…point of no return stuff!!!

Londo got the job on B5 because no one else wanted it, we see. Which definitely gives us more understanding of his character and why he seems to always be overcompensating.

Flashbacks to when Londo finds out he got 10,000 Narn killed. G’kar finds out it was him. Very good scene between Londo and G’kar. Andreas is a great actor, and he doesn’t pull any punches.

Seeing G’kars dad is pretty awesome. “What is there for Narn if all of creation falls around us…”

Great exchange with G’kar about the greater mission about saving people. The opportunity to choose who he will be after this.

G’kar crying after he wakes up with Ambassador Kosh standing over him is pretty intense. Him realizing what he’s done.

Blonde judge’s voice is SO Mon Mothma.

“It should never be a joke to them…” Londo’s advice to Vir is another glimpse into his character. His motivation is that he never feels valued or important and his actions are founded in that and in his desperation to want to be taken seriously.

We find out that Dust was created by Psycorp-interesting though an awkward setup on screen for us to find that out.

S3E7 Exogenesis

Talk about disturbing openings, gross creature on the guys back…and I was EATING too!

James Warwick guest start.

Really smart escape method for Marcus, getting the guy to activate the Minbar fighting staff weapon his has.

Really cool scene with the Vindrezi explaining themselves, very descriptive and really transporting.

I like Duncan-how even though he sacrificed his new life being joined with the Vindrezi, he wants to go out and find some of those beautiful things they shared with him in his mind-“Maybe we all need to wake up, become special, before it’s too late.”

The debacle with the roses is hilarious. Love that.

S3E8 Messages from Earth

Nancy Stafford! Matlock alumni. :)

I like that they got a petition because of G’kar’s singing in prison sounded like they were torturing him!!!:)

They shouldn’t do closeups on Minbari’s ears…bad….bad.

Pretty bold plan involving the White Star and Sheridan and Delenn.

Having trouble paying attention to this one…it feels a bit pretentious.

Crap…nightwatch just got serious with informants and arrests pending in the next couple of months.

Like when Delenn makes it rain for Sheridan so he can sleep. I like that they hold hands…awwww. Also more character development for Sheridan is cool.

Marcus saying crazy things to Ivanova because he knows she’s not paying attention! :)

“And they have much to be concerned about. There’s always the threat of an attack by, say, a giant space dragon—the kind that eats the sun every 30 days? It’s a nuisance, but what can you expect from reptiles? Did I mention that my nose is on fire, and that I have 15 wild badgers living in my trousers?”

The detail that Minbari sleep diagonally upright because to sleep horizontal is to tempt fate is interesting but doesn’t seem to fit with their established theology, seems more superstitious than they are. But I guess those kinds of beliefs persist.

But it is a fun detail.

Jump gate inside Jupiter??? They keep doing awesome stuff with the jump gates!

1st atmospheric jump!

Night Watch is trying to get Zack to spy on Sheridan possibly, it’s getting heavy.

I like that Marcus has a great sense of humor, that he reads and knows History.

He’s a new character but I like that he’s come into the series so fully developed, so he’s more believable and less likely to fall victim to mean people like me who are really hard on new characters.

Martial law on Earth…things are cracking down!

S3E9 Point of No Return

“Dubious is very important…it doesn’t mean anything but it scares people.” Another fine Londo moment. He does have some of the best comedic moments.

Whoa guest star Majel Barrett!

Hearing G’Kar singing is kind of awesomely hilarious!

The Narn becoming security is completely AWESOME!

Pretty intense Lady Morella’s advice to Londo about the limited chances he has left to make things right: “You still have three opportunities to avoid the fire at the end of your journey. You have already wasted two others. You must save the (eye) that does not see; you must not kill the one who is already dead; and at the last, you must surrender to yourself to your greatest fear, knowing that it will destroy you. Now if you have failed all the others, that is your final chance at redemption.”

Whoa…Lady Morella’s tells Vir and Londo that “One of you will become emperor after the other is dead…”

Vir and Londo’s uneasy scene after they learn this is great.

G’kar wants in to the secret Council Delenn and Sheridan formed. He’s just…awesome.

S3E10 Severed Dreams

  • I like the interaction with the Narn reading Identity cards, how he keeps Londo waiting because Londo was saying rude things about the Narn.
  • G’Kar continues to be the best, just sweeping down and picking up that Minbari to take to medlab. I be crushin.
  • WHOA! ISN Saying on air there’s things they couldn’t say then being bombed and the channel cutting out!
  • Delenn’s speech about tearing the ship apart with her bare hands if they don’t let her in to see the gray council is pretty epical.
  • YAY! Saved by the Minbari!!! Liked the dual cool ending with the clapping and then the ominous ending on the “Traitors Can’t Hide” poster.

S3E11 Ceremonies of Light and Dark

The guy singing the “Leg bone’s connected…” song was super lame.

Undercover night watch is going after Delenn.

I don’t blame Londo-the rebirth ceremony sounds really creepy! Telling someone a secret you’ve never told anyone else!?

Lennier admits that he loves Delenn to Marcus. But says it’s a higher purer form of love, he’s very poetic and insulting at the same time. :)

The part with Garibladi in the elevator is funny but other than that I hate the computer voice gag, it cheapens the episode a bit for me.

Love the Rebirth ceremony in Delenn’s room at medlab idea.

S3E12  Sic Transit Vir

Ivanova’s nightmare about being on the station naked and not realizing it is hilarious-I love how she wakes up screaming.

Vir saying he didn’t touch anything but maybe the drapes…he tried to smash a large flying thing.

I like the Narn with a key joke.

But seriously…this whole sequence ends with Vir going into a room full of Narn…and they never come back to it??? Was it a dream? I don’t get it.

I love Ivanova’s face after she almost tells Sheridan what her dream was about “I walked in totally….unprepared for my work…”. Then her reaction when Sheridan brings up the coming to work naked dream.

Londo kills a bug with a sword…kind of fantastic.

Sheridan and Delenn walk by extremely animated shopper…it’s random to note this but it was kind of funny at the time.

Sheridan is awfully cute asking Delenn out on a date.

Vir has a possibly arranged marriage?

Abrahamo Linconi….there aren’t words. This is the name Vir chose for putting on the documents to secretly get Narn out and safe.

Ivanova is totally disturbed at the fact that Vir is talking to her about women. Pretty funny.

Ivanova shows up suddenly on the vidcom when Delenn and Sheridan are about to kiss- A. it shouldn’t be that easy to just APPEAR in someone’s quarters on the screen and B. why did she not use regular communications. Awk.Ward.

Lyndisty, Vir’s intended, is a total psycho nazi!

I like Sheridan’s and Ivanova’s humorous scene at the end, Ivanova saying from the bottom of her heart that Sheridan makes an excellent Centauri, after she’s doctored up a picture of him to portray Abrahamo Linconi.

Kind of don’t like them making light of Lyndisti at the end…she’s a total PSYCHO!

S3E13 A Late Delivery From Avalon

I like the space postal service! Kind of cool that it still exists, didn’t even think of that before.

Michael York guest stars!

Marcus uses that line of decreasing the surplus population alot (okay he uses it twice)…I like his point about how if things really were fair we’re be a lot less happy though.

Michael York brought a sword to a gun fight.

And…he’s supposed to be Arthur??? Like King Arthur?

Marcus is able to bring his literary knowledge in by calming ‘Arthur’ for a bit.

Pretty sure that Arthur talking about Lancelot is pretty dumb since I am pretty sure he was added to the Legend later on and not originally a part of it.

Arthur is fantastic. And i may have emitted a totally girl noise of excitement when G’Kar jumps down to help him. Bad guy says “I got friends.” And G’kar says “That’s alright!” jumps down. “So does he!” BEST PART OF B5 EVER! The only thing that would have made it even better is actually seeing them taking on the bad guys…but my imagination tell me it was brilliant. :-D

I like how G’kar is totally enchanted by Arthur and is even knighted by him.

G’kar falls down drunk after a great scene with Arthur recollecting his past. I like how he and G’kar really relate to each other as leaders of their people, sharing wordlessly the different unique burdens that befall only a leader.

Mutual Defense treat is a pretty good idea.

Favorite episode of the season so far!

Love Marcus ending the episode with choosing who on B5 is the different characters from the legend.

S3E14 Ship of Tears

ISN comes back on and totally lies about why the went off the air. Not surprisingly.

New Starfury model??? From where??

Bester is in this episode-is it just me or does it seem really wrong that he doesn’t have a Russian accent? :)

Why haven’t they allowed G’kar into the new Alliance yet??? It doesn’t make any sense, he’ be really valuable plus he already knows it exists. So why the pretense? What do they really have to lose? Besides he’s only proved himself again and again!

Finally bringing back Ivanova’s latent telepathy back into the story.

“Want to? No. Have to? Yes.” Good line from Delenn in regards to having to tell G’kar the truth about how much knowledge she’d kept from him in the beginning-not exhaustive or high and mighty but honest and to the point and very human if I daresay.

Bester’s superiority complex is really interesting.

Ohhh…crap….Delenn gon have to tell G’Kar….I would kinda fear for my life. I hope they don’t cop-out and not show it.

Walter must have had an absolute blast playing Bester.

“Some must be sacrificed for all to be saved…” G’kar says, when Delenn tells him the truth.  When she asks if he’ll ever be able to forgive her he says “Perhaps…but not today.” SO GUT wrenching, really great story-writing. Very realistic and emotion-filled scene. There is so much that has happened in G’kar’s life that brought him to reacting this way in this moment.

A ship full of humans? Not just humans but telepaths.

Wow…pretty effective scene when Franklin is talking about a specimen human and thawing her and she pops awake.

Totally awesome and unexpected-the telepath who thawed first escapes and makes a big interface web out of wires she feels safe in and connects her to B5 to control some of it. We see flashbacks of her being worked on by the aliens, her performance is amazing, like emotion on ice. It’s perfect.

We find out that she is Bester’s lover (no one sounds natural saying lover…not even Walter Koenig) that she’s carrying his child. He has a wife and kids back home but it was a genetic pairing. This all adds a new layer to Bester, brings him down a notch, helps you understand him more. But also adds more confusion and depth to his character-because with a story like this how can he be so isolated and so unfeeling towards anyone else who might be going through the same thing. He knows first hand that the genetic pairing that psycorps render are awful.

Shadows use living beings as part of their operating system-that’s how the telepath was able to interface with the ship.

Bester says “Your war…is now our war.”

YAY! G’kar joins the alliance.

“Do no thump the book of G’quan…it is disrespectful.” G’kar says to Garibaldi. :-D

We find out the Shadows are afraid of telepaths, the shadow ship backed away from the White start because Bester was on board.

S3E15: Interludes and Examinations

10 Days ago the Shadows started attacking openly.

Adira is finally coming back to Londo?

Wow…shadow thingies appearing in the room with Mr. Morden…pretty cool design!

Really cool mask breathing alien after the credits-the Gaim Ambassador She-lah. Awesome voice too!

Franklin…is totally losing it. He’s flipping out on people left and right. This is the point in which my husband walks in and see Franklin screaming a number over and over again in medlab…his first impression of Franklin is a strange one. :)

Shadow liason guy, Mr Morden, says he’s not getting his calls returned from Lord Reefa-because Londo poisoned him and pretty much black-mailed him to stop associating with Mr. Morden.

He says the Shadow needs an ear and ey in the centauri republic…eeks.

Garibaldi confronts Franklin about flipping out in Medlab, says “Don’t make me work around you to do my job.” Basically Franklin says whatever and Garibaldi leaves angry.

Franklin’s not taking this seriously.

Garibaldi asks the other Dr. to pull Franklin’s blood samples to see if he’s using past the limit. She won’t help him so he’s saying he’ll have to go through other channels….aaaaand Franklin sees Garibaldi talking to her…could be bad.

Vir see Shadow Liason in marketplace, then turns a corner and is confronted by him. “Is there anything I can do to help?” “Short of dying? no…I don’t think so” I really like Vir, he’s very funny and getting braver all the time.

Great though…Shadow guy is sneaky and finds out about Adira coming…crap.

Franklin and Garibaldi talk before Garibaldi can check the numbers to see if Franklin is above the limit for Stims. Franklin checked his own blood and he knows he’s addicted. Garibaldi asks what he’s going to do…

Woah…Sheridan confronts Kosh-says they haven’t dont anything but look cryptic for 3 years. Kosh hits him twice with electric type surges but Sheridan won’t leave! Kosh keeps saying it’s not time for them to join…Kosh holds him with electric surge, seems really angry. But then says “I will do what you ask…but I will not be with you when you go to Z’ha’dum.” Sheridan says that’s fine but Kosh says “You don’t understand, but you will..”


Vorlons engage shadow vessels and win the battle, encouraging the other aliens they’d been hoping would join the alliance  against the shadows-since many didn’t want to join unless Babylon 5 could prove they had ‘equal’ power.

Adira got murdered. Stupid. If shadow guy, Morden, wanted to control Londo-he shouldn’t have killed her outright also.

Every Ambassador is ready to sign onto the alliance.

So basically-Shadow liason guy goes and murders KOSH too!

His death scene is intercut with Sheridan having a dream about his father…Sheridan wakes up and knows Kosh is gone.

Kosh wasn’t angry when he was attacking Sheridan, he was afraid.

I guess Mr. Morden knew what he was doing…poisoning Adira so Londo would think that it was Lord Reefa getting him back for poisoning him earlier on with the one part poison.

I don’t get why Londo would believe Shadow guy! But now he wants revenge.

Franklin is resigning. “I got a lot to figure out…and it’s time to get started.”

Kosh’s armor gets put inside his ship and it flies away. “…it will perform its last duty in memory of Kosh.”

S3E16  War Without End Part 1

Open on Minbari Homeworld. Is this the first time we see it? I can’t remember. It’s really beautiful though-with waterfalls and sharp geometric shapes everywhere with pastel prism colors.

WOW! Sinclair is back?? He was on Minbar-cloaked walking out, a Minbar rushes out and tells him they just opened a box they’d had for forever-inside is an envelope with Sinclair’s name on it. “How did he know in the past that you’d be here now…?”

A transmission comes through from sector 14, where babylon 4 was, it’s Ivanova’s voice saying “They’re all over us! They’re killing us.” Scary stuff.

Delenn’s all upset that Sinclair is back on board-theres something she has to do that she doesn’t want to do. She says “He’s my friend.” and Lennier says  but if you don’t do it many will die or something like that.

Great…what else does Delenn know that she’s not telling anyone???

Delenn gets everyone together “Do you trust me?” Babylon 4 was taken in to the distant past to help save the Minbari.

Garibaldi sees whole transmission with Ivanova looking pretty rough-panicking. Destroyed.

And Delenn says a bunch of timey-wimey-mumbo-jumbo- says they have to go back in time and steal Babylon 4.

Really weird attempt at comedy by Sinclair saying “We work good together- like butch and sundance, Lucy and Ethel.” feels very bizarre.

You’d think maybe Delenn’s appearance would be surprising to Sinclair? I can’t remember but I am pretty sure he never saw her like…you know…with hair?

Zathras return. Sinclair says we met before…your past my future. Don’t really understand but it has something to do with the fact he was on Babylon 4 and B4 is timey-wimey.

The constant whine present in the White Star kind of drives me a bit crazy.

Sheridan doesn’t let on that Sinclair is back to Garibaldi at Sinclair’s request.

Sinclair has a flashback or Flash forward to Garibaldi’s last stand with him and the destruction of B5???

A little confusing. I am bad with time episodes.

Great…Zak tells Garibaldi that Sinclair is back. Garibaldi is all disappointed that Sinclair didn’t say anything to him.

Unfortunate camera angle in Garibaldi’s quarters when he’s checking his messages…it kind of cuts the “P” off of “password”….eeps.

John’s stabilizer gets hit-and now Sheridan is unstuck in time. He could be in the past or the future. So now Sinclair gets him time to shine again…coincidence? I think not!

Sheridan is in the future-Londo is old and the emperor.

…really though…what was the whole thing with Vir and the room full of Narns in the dream episode???

Emperor Londo is angry because Sheridan drew out the shadows but then some of the lessers came and pretty much destroyed Centuari.

“Why do your people always ask if “you’re ready” right before they’re about to do something massively unwise?” Delenn asks Sheridan. “Tradition” he tells her. Really loving their easy dialogue together.

S3E17 War Without End Part 2

“Like I said I don’t believe in luck…” Marcus says and at the same second swings his fighting staff back and knocks open a crucial panel. Great stuff.

Wow…future Delenn and Sheridan makeout sesh…and they have a son together.

“There are always new battles to be fought against the darkness…only the names change.”

Delenn says.

I totally just shrieked out loud when Londo shows creepy neck demon, he drinks to gain control for a short time.

Londo calls G’kar ‘my old friend.” Love this.

G’kar starts to strangle Londo, the creature wakes back up and makes Londo start strangling him back. G’kar’s makeup is exquisite…not too overdone, it’s an understated old makeup and it looks fantastic.

G’kar and Londo kill each other, Vir walks out of the shadows and pickes up the emperor necklace….

I think this is it…this is the episode that has completely changed my thoughts on the entire show. It’s so very epic and amazing-and seeing characters futures I realize I actually care about them.

Jeff got older. (I am not really sure who Jeff is and why I have this note written down?

Sometimes that’s the problems with notes.)

Delenn had totally fascinating time flash. Looking at snowglobe, Sheridan sleeping, someone comes in and says “Hello”, a woman, Delenn drops the snowglobe. What the what?

“You are finite. Zathras is finite. This is wrong tool.” Actor (Tim Choate) totally plays Zathras perfect, he could have been a complete miss, and seemed like low-brow comedic relief but he’s played so well you totally buy his character.

Tv shows like this are like an adults imaginary friend.

It comes full circle when Zathras gets captured by past Sinclair and Garibaldi. This whole episode is so clever!

DID THEY SERIOUSLY write this that long ago, that Zathras would recognize Singlair and all that?! This is crazy-mind blowing amazing.

This episode is the ultimate in time travel episodes. Was the appearance of astronaut REALLY in that previous episode from the first season???

TOTALY MIND BLOW! Thought at the end the astronaut that didn’t leave Zathras would be Sheridan-I was like “Oh yeah like this is a surprise” as the camera panned up to the astronaut taking the helmet off and then it was DELENN!! What!? How does this even work? Crazy town with a side of unicorn!

“You are the one that was, you are the one who is, you are the one that will be..” Sinclair, Sheridan and Delenn are the one, everything is 3. Sinclair started the story, Delenn’s the middle of the story, and Sheridan is the end of the story.

Sinclair stays inside B4 and 1,000 years earlier…Sinclair is Valen. What. The. Frak.

S3E18 Walkabout

So Dr Franklin is really just gone? Like gone. Gone?

Lyta comes on board hearing about Kosh’s death-she asks if anyone was with him. New Vorlon ambassador is about to arrive.

Sheridan is outside taking a spacewalk-Vorlon ship stops right next to him and words in their language appear on the side of the ship….woooooaaaah.

Sweedish meatballs are universal apparently, G’kar says; one of those universal mysteries that you’ll never find out or would drive you crazy if you did.

Dr Franklin hasn’t been out of his quarters in 3 or 4 days. Garibaldi’s going to find out what’s up.

Same design for new Vorlon as the one we saw on Minbar earlier.

They’re still supposed to act like he’s kosh though-even though he looks different. But when asked his name he says they are all Kosh.

YAY! Franklin is back. Apparently been traveling the station on a walkabout…hence the episode title…I suppose. :)

Franklin’s explanation of a walkabout is a lot more beautiful and more eloquent than other explanations I have heard on other tv shows.

This new Kosh is pretty scary. Strangling Lyta as soon as she comes to him. He tells her she failed. I am guessing this is like the Vulcan thin with passing on their “katra’ to someone close to them, so that they can either be reintroduced to a body or be put to rest somewhere specific maybe? Which just might be what we saw at the end of a day in the strife episode where Kosh was putting glowy things in Lytas eyes and mouth.

It’s about time franklin got a looooove interest. Cailyn, a lounge singer.

He asks why wasn’t I told when hobbs tells him Cailyn was diagnosed with a neural disease incurable 2 years before he got there??? Why would he have been told? Like pretty sure there are possibly another couple dozen patients he knows nothing about.

S3E19 Grey 17 Is Missing

Robert Englund guest star.

Franklin finally going through withdrawal symptoms.

They wants Delenn to be the new Ranger 1 since Sinclair is gone now.

Delenn’s story about how going to temple on her father’s shoulders is very sweet.

So grey 17 is like a cult I guess. Led by Robert Englund as Jeremia. I don’t really get what they actually believe. I guess that eventually they will be a part of the universe again-that they are separated from it wrongly?

Weird Alien-Xenomorph-esque monster in Grey 17. Actually pretty cool looking.

Neroon is a strong if not annoying character.

His reasons for not killing Marcus are actually good and it doesn’t seem like a cop-out that they’re supposed to be fighting to the death. Usually when someone doesn’t kill someone in a ‘supposed to be fight to the death fight” it’s usually a pretty flimsy reason that the writer had to think of real fast to explain why it actually wasn’t a fight to the death.

The whole episode was called after the least important part of the show, and then Garibaldi just magically gets out anyway. Really weird and pointless and no one even missed him or finds out where he was.

S3E20 And The Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place

Erick Avari from Stargate is a guest star.

“That’s what I thought when I came across crotchety…it cannot be a real word.” Great scene between Delenn and Sheridan.

I like this change with Delenn-she’s being a real person more often. I like that better than he being all cryptic and prophetic-y.

I also like the scene between her and Sheridan. Very playful and flirty finally.

“Pain in the butt…” “Grouch.”

Londo is telling G’kar that Na’Toth is still alive. He’s really evil. Trying to get G’kar arrested.

Londo threatens Vir’s family, if he doesn’t do what he wants to get G’kar in major trouble. What a jerk.

There’s a standing warrant for G’kar’s arrest on Narn.

Poor Vir, I would leave B5, everyone is always pushing him around. Especially Londo.

Really good scene between the Baptist preacher and Sheridan, saying that Sheridan is taking on too much responsibility. “After God created Adam he created Eve, because he knew we all need someone, to talk to someone to help shoulder the burden.” He also gives a great example of how important helping each other is, with the illustration of a friend coming over to his messy apartment to help clean, he basically asks why she does that when her own apartment really needs to be clean. She says “When I sweep my floor, all I’ve done is sweep my floor- but when I help you…I am helping you.”

Narn homeworld. Very dry and red.

They better not get G’kar or I will be REALLY peeved off.

WHOAH! Didn’t see that coming! Londo was working with G’Kar! This was all a setup for Lord Reefa.

Reefa’s death inter-cut with a gospel song a bit overdramatic and silly feeling to me.

S3E21 Shadow Dancing

Melissa Gilbert guest star. (Did you know that apparently Bruce Boxleitner was actually married to her at the time??? How cool is that!? Tron was married to Laura Ingalls!)

“Sometimes people walk away because they want to be alone, sometimes they walk away because they want to see if you care enough to walk through hell with them.” Garibaldi on Franklin.

Franklin is adorable and I’m really glad they didn’t make him go on the walkabout just to write him out of the show.

Aww…Marcus is adorable too! Saying Ivanova is the most beautiful woman he’s ever met in Minbari and when she asks what it meant he says something like “…my words are inadequate to  the burden of my heart…” Awwwwwwwww.

Franklin gets stabbed and meets himself. REEEEEALLY uncomfortable to watch…I kind of really felt like it was me who got stabbed. Wow. Pretty intense stuff.

Really I don’t care about the space battle as much as I do about whether Franklin makes it out of this or not, when it cuts away from his scene I get annoyed.

“The stims let me do more, but what I need was to do better…” YAY! Franklin is back!

S3E22 Z’ha’dum

Anna was on the Icarus and those who didn’t serve were thought to be killed.

Wow, talk about awkward situations-Anna comes back right when Delenn was spending the night watching Sheridan sleep to see his true face as he slept, a minbari tradition. Talk about timing!

Anna wants to take him to Z’ha’dum. Warning.

Epidermal scarring on the nape of her neck? Could it be the creepy neck hugger demon thingies from the shadows??

So once again Delenn seems to know more about things that she lets on. She says she assumed that Anna did die, just based on the fact that whoever didn’t serve would be killed by the shadows, so maybe based on that Anna did decide to serve.

Delenn says she doesn’t know if she would have told Sheridan about Anna being alive still even if she did know. He says how can he ever trust her again after this.

Anna says she can’t tell Sheridan what she was doing unless he comes with her. She says she’ll go back without him.

WHY does it seem like no one is making a big deal about the fact that she seems to be saying the shadows are misunderstood or something?

Yeah basically she’s saying they’re not as bad as everyone thinks they are.

Time doesn’t pass in the same way on z’ha’dum…also…apparently.

Sheridan is stealing the White Star. Pretty….crazy? Stupid? One of those?

So Sheridan is going along with this even though it seems Franklin discovered something wasn’t right with Anna…duh??

When Sheridan left B5 we see Shadows converging to attack B5.

Mr. Morden is there on Z’ha’dum. Is this where he lives.

….he kinda looks like the lead singer from Double.

Justin says he’s a middle man-wasn’t there something about a middle man in Sheridans dream? When he and Delenn (or was it Ivanova?) were bouncing ideas as to what it might mean earlier?

Justin says there were bunuches of Aliens but they outgrew this corner of the galaxy and left but the Vorlons and Shadows stayed to shepherd the younger aliens left here. Vorlons are like parents with discipline and order and rules. Shadows stir conflict to weed out the weak and make every generation stronger and better.

“After all the wars- look how far we’ve come all the way to the stars.” Morden says.

Vorlons sought to tip the balance more to their side of teaching, it was supposed to be equal shadow teaching and equal Vorlon teaching (Though when one side of teaching involves starting wars and killing as many people as possible…I am not seeing how one side wouldn’t possibly eventually overwhelm the other…) they say that telepaths are the result of Vorlon’s direct interference with the species on the developmental level.

Which adds some extra interest to Lyta being involved with the Vorlons right now.

They want Sheridan to allow the conflic-to disband the Alliance of Races because “Evolution will be served one way or another…”

Anna in the beginning, was stuck in one of the human parts ships-because she did refuse to serve.

Sheridan shoots at approaching Shadow dude from behind him when they are all talking-then suddenly we cut to him bloody and in a big open space with a cliff.

Remotely arming nuclear device on the White Star to destroy Z’ha’dum.

Sheridan hears Kosh’s voice telling him to jump-Anna is behind him holding out her hand saying she can love him just as well as the real Anna did. He jumps, and Anna looks up, screaming as the White Star comes crashing and burning through the dome.

The Shadows leave B5.

Susan knows Sheridan is dead.

Love G’kars narration at the end, beautiful touch.

“Moments of transition…moments of revelation-this had the feeling of both…”


One of the fighters didn’t come back-Garibaldi.

A shadow is enveloped around his Star Fury carrying him who knows where.