Hi!  I’m Sue.  I put off watching “The End of Time” for nearly two weeks because if I didn’t see the tenth Doctor regenerate, it wouldn’t happen (except that it already had).  And I am an Anomaly.

Last month, Sarah, Kasey, and I talked about “Face Off.”  Well, after we were done recording that episode, we stayed on the call for a while to plan our upcoming podcast schedule.  Of course, we got side-tracked and talked for almost an hour about “Doctor Who.”  Luckily, we were still recording.  So this episode is that chat.

We decided not to edit this too much, because of the nature of the conversation.  It was very organic, and we wanted to leave it that way.  So, you may hear some things that you normally don’t – “um”s, “like”s, “y’know”s, pauses, and so on.  But I did take out further digressions into things like Newsies and The Muppets.

Here there be spoilers!  Certainly for series 1-3, a few for series 4, and some hints at events in series 5-6.  And, also, for Firefly and Serenity.  Because some digressions you just can’t cut.

Because this was a spontaneous conversation, we did give our candid opinions about characters, actors, episodes, etc.  We, of course, always welcome feedback, whether you agree or disagree.  We just ask that you don’t hate us or yell at us if your opinions happen to differ.  There’s room in the fandom for all kinds.  :)  Said feedback can be left here, on the forum, on facebook, or by sending some emailz (moregirlygeekz

[at] gmail.com) or twitterz.

Finally, the male voice that you may hear from time to time is Andrew, Sarah’s husband.

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Thanks for listening!  Enjoy!

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