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When I started watching Babylon 5 Season 4, I couldn’t believe how much time had passed since I’d seen the end of Season 3! I also couldn’t believe I hadn’t gone insane wondering what happened to Sheridan and Garibaldi seeing as I was raving about how great the show was, but how cliff-hanger-esque.

But even though it’s been close to two years since I last watched this show I definitely felt right back at home starting it!

Because I wanted to do the show justice and because honestly it makes it easier on me, this season will be reviewed in two parts -this being part one.  I got flustered and changed the show layout and did it kind of episode-by-episode because there was so much project material I didn’t know where to start and starting at the beginning seemed the least confusing way I could do it.

I am really excited about this season and cannot wait to watch the second half and get to recording it for you all!

Thanks so much for listening, and may all your favorite inside jokes stay inside so as not to get rained on and waterlogged and such.

Download the episode now>>

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