Hi, I’m Sue.  I counted 106 Jayne Hats on convention-goers at Dragon*Con, and I am an anomaly.

KC and I were both super excited (and a bit nervous) to talk to Marian Call, as we’re both big fans, and you can probably tell a little bit in this recording.  ;)

So that I don’t have to work hard at being witty, here’s Marian’s bio from her press materials:  “Marian Call delivers whimsical Alaskan folk funk for the Coffee Counter-Culture. She sounds a little like Joni Mitchell and Regina Spektor raising the child of Jason Mraz and Erin McKeown. Call’s sound is soulful, honest, humorous, and clever, loved by all types — computer geeks, church ladies, teenage groupies, NPR listeners, and urban hipsters worldwide. Marian toured all 50 states in 2010 and hopes to play for you soon.”

We talk about her geeky inspirations and new-media heroes, her tour through all 50 states, and what finding a geeky community has meant in her life, both personally and professionally.

Marian’s “Nerd Anthem” is the theme song for Anomaly Supplemental and she also allowed us to play Good Morning, Moon, a single from her new album, during our interview.

Marian’s latest album, Something Fierce, was released October 1, 2011.  This, her other three albums (Got To Fly, Vanilla, and Song of the Month Project), and other merchandise are all available online at MarianCall.com (and iTunes), and you can listen to samples on Bandcamp.  And, like we tell you in the show notes for every Anomaly Supplemental, you can also follow Marian on twitter.

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