DC LOGOIn this episode of Anomaly Supplemental, I am joined by Kevin (of the excellent Tuning into Sci-Fi TV podcast), Margaret, Michelle, and Mark (from the Anomaly Forums and Facebook Page) to discuss Dragon*Con 2011.   We talk about about costuming, celebrity encounters, hotels, the immense amount of programming, not-to-miss events, and the Dragon*Con Parade.  Opinions range from that of a con-newb to a 6-year veteran and panelist, and everything in between.

Michelle shares her first impressions of Dragon*Con through the eyes of newb.  The con veterans give some advice on attending for the first time, and some tips and tricks that we’ve learned over the years for a happy con.  Of course, we know that’s it’s not all kitten and rainbows, and also bring up some of the problems that can be found at con and troubleshoot some possible solutions.

Want to learn more about the annual convergence of geeks and nerds upon Atlanta?  Check out the Emmy-winning documentary, Four Days at Dragon*Con (just follow that link and you can watch it online!).

Interested in joining us at Dragon*Con 2012, August 31-September 3?  That’s right, all 5 of us are planning to be there again.  Unsure of what to expect, or what to bring?  Join the Dragon*Con Newbies Facebook Group that Kevin stated.  We’re there to help you out and welcome you to con.  I have my room booked for next year – do you?

My Photos from Dragon*Con 2011:
Friday  |  Saturday Pt. 1  |  Saturday Part 2  |  Sunday

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Music played in this episode is “Frogger! The Frogger Musical” by Paul and Storm, who performed at a Dragon*Con concert called “Gonzaroo” (along with Jonathan Coulton, Molly Lewis, and others).  Check out their website, or follow them on Twitter: @PaulandStorm.


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