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Doctor Who Reactions:
The Girl Who Died / The Woman Who Lived / The Zygon Invasion / The Zygon Inversion

KC and Sue are back to share their immediate reactions to the middle third of Doctor Who Series 9.  As usual, this is a reaction-cast, and not an in-depth analysis of these stories.

Remember, you can watch new episodes of Doctor Who along with us!  Michele is live-tweeting new episode on the US East Coast airing schedule using the @AnomalyPodcast Twitter.

Content/Trigger Warning:  We begin this episode by briefing discussing the recent attacks in Paris.  We also discuss terrorism, immigration, and PTSD when discussing the Zygon two-parter later in the episode.

Editor’s Note:  Sue lives in an old building and has steam radiators that she cannot control.  They came on in the middle of this recording, and their signature “hiss” was removed as much as possible, but some of it remains.

Download the episode now>>

Time Stamps, for the spoiler-sensative

03:41 – The Girl Who Died
12:09 – The Woman Who Lived
*Discussion of these two episodes kept mostly separate
24:54 – The Zygon Invasion/Inversion
*Content Warning: Discussion of terrorism, immigration, war, PTSD, etc
32:21 – Speculation of series themes

Since episode 9, Sleep No More, has aired by the time this episode was released, here’s the preview for episode 10, Face the Raven.  (It looks spoilery!  Be careful!)

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